News Update
January 27, 2020

Aaron & Siwon in Korea and New Series on YouTube

The MXC team is in Korea, meeting with Hyundai Motor Group. A brand new YouTube series is coming to MXC YouTube - Decrypt Tuesday!

Aaron & Siwon in Korea and New Series on YouTube

This is the original script for January 27, 2020.

It has been another big week in the world of MXC… so much so, let’s skip my typical long-winded intro’s (pause) and get right into it!

MXC to Meet with Hyundai Motor Group

MXC Co-Founder Aaron Wagener and MXC C-1 left for Korea yesterday, to meet with Hyundai motors, discussing a wide-ranging of tracking and measurement aspects for the automobile industry.

New Series on MXC YouTube

There is a NEW series, starting here at MXC. . . NO, we are not challenging NetFlix but from next week, we are introducing De-Crypt Tuesday, a chance for everyone to discuss the wider Crypto markets in a casual atmosphere. There’ll be influencers, special guests and we’ll also answer general questions for newbies and Blockchain experts alike. . . tune in each and every Tuesday with MXC1 for De-Crypt Tuesday starting next week!

MXC Tech Update on Gateways

In the world of MXC tech, we have more releases coming out tomorrow, gett’em while they’re hot! We’re fixing everything from minor bugs to user management, and yes even data entry. . . .in addition… we’ve begun to auto-provision Lora gateways THAT MEANS we’re beginning to turn your Gateway into a crypto miner!! Yaaaay. it’s time to BUILD at MXC 😉

Word of the Week

Did someone say “WORD OF THE WEEK?” no? Well, for all you eagle-eyed MXC supporters the word for this week is: (Watch the News Update to Find it).

iPhone Giveaway Winners Announced

Speaking of competitions, our winners have been announced and they’ve been taking pics and sending them to us to show off their prize booty, Ummm not THAT kind of booty… we’re talking iPhone 11 pros and more iPhone 11 pros and USB sticks.. congrats to all who entered!

That has been yet another MXC news update for another week. . . thank you for joining me and remember, . . . . . it’s only together that we can create the future of IoT…take care!

Siwon Kim
Decrypt Tuesday