Ambassador Program, MXC Cortex, Huobi Global

MXC Ambassador Program, introducing the MXC Cortex and MXC to be on three exchanges. This and more in this week’s MXC News Update.

Original Script

Hi, I’m Jeff, the MXC guy and WELCOME to another MXC news update!

The MXC Ambassador program is up and running; we have only invited VIPs at this point however we will be increasing the offering in the coming weeks. The MXC Ambassadors will allow MXC to have an increased presence within different regions and we are excited to have them onboard!

Our MXC CTO Vlad was in Malta to attend the Malta Blockchain summit. There he unveiled a number of MXC’s unique approach to data transmissions including the inner-workings of the MXC ParaChain which we now label as the MXC Cortex! The MXC Cortex will allow other chains to interact with MXC data market, allowing for increased interoperability.

Our MXC Software Developer Bo-Shiun was the big winner last week; our incredibly talented developer took home the grand prize at the LongHash Hackathon. We are so proud to have such amazing developers on our team. Well done Bo-Shiun!

Only a few more weeks before Listing, MXC will be listing at the end of November on three exchanges, 1 of those will be Huobi with more announcements to come soon. Watch this space, at the end of November we begin this truly unique journey together!

I’m Jeff the MXC guy, and that’s been your MXC news update for another week. Until next time, get active, get involved, because it’s only together that we can build the Future of IoT!