News Update
September 28, 2020

MXC at Asia Berlin Summit & M2 Pro Sales Record!

MXC presented as Asia Berlin Summit and broke the daily sales record for M2 Pro cryptocurrency miner.

It's another week, and that means it's time for MXC News Update! Last week, MXC presented as Asia Berlin Summit, and broke the daily sales record for M2 Pro cryptocurrency miner. Here is the original script of the News Update, uploaded on September 28, 2020.

MXC participated in Asia Berlin Summit at the invitation of the Berlin Government

Asia Berlin Summit connects startups in Asia to startups in Berlin. MXC has been highlighted as one of the successful cases! There is a profile highlight on MXC CEO, Sheen! Click the link here to take a look at the featured profile.

MXC Datadash 1.5.1 Released

MXC VAULT has been received with overwhelming support! The updated interface and map also allows you to visualize how you are ALREADY surrounded by MXC’s MXProtocol! Have feedback? Make sure to write to us on our Discord channel, Click here to go to the official MXC Discord channel!

M2 Pro Sales Record High

We broke ANOTHER M2 Pro Miner Sales record! The past week has hit the HIGHEST weekly M2 Pro sales, ever! We are excited to bring in more miners and supporters, who will soon receive the M2 Pro miners at their homes!

Mid-Autumn Festival

MXC is celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival, especially with our communities in China and Korea. Those with significantly large holdings of MXC who have locked-in their tokens on Vault for more than 6 months received special mid-Autumn gifts! Korean communities will also receive gifts - and most importantly, their M2 Pro miners will start arriving THIS WEEK!

MXC in Korea

Don’t forget - MXC1 is in Korea He is still in quarantine but will be meeting with supporters, partners, and various companies If you are in Korea and want to meet up, make sure to drop him a DM!

Siwon Kim