News Update
January 21, 2019

Bibox Voting & Interview with Aaron Wagener

Bibox Voting & Interview with Aaron Wagener

MXC is currently on the 10th round of voting on Bibox, staying in the top. We also have a special interview with Co-Founder Aaron Wagener.

MXC CEO Xin Hu represented MXC at DWF, discussing the legality of Blockchain. As the legality of blockchain and cryptocurrency have recently been the hot issue in discussion, MXC participated in discussing the shaping of legal frames.

Original Script:

Welcome to an MXC News Update.

This past week, Co-Founder Xin Hu visited the DWF Blockchain Meetup, where they discussed the legal developments of blockchain within the EU.

The second round of Bibox is underway. MXC is doing extremely well, remaining at the top of the list.

Today we have Co-Founder Aaron Wagener here as a special guest to discuss some of what we have accomplished in 2018, and what to look forward to in 2019.

Aaron: Thanks, Jeff. Great to be here.

Jeff: Aaron, how do you view the new year compared to the last?

Aaron: So last year, we exceeded everyone’s expectations by closing our ICO on evaluation of 40 million dollars in a bear market. Now, if you add to that the free listings on Huobi and Gate, in addition to the world tour in over 15 countries meeting with a lot of IoT enthusiasts, we had a really great year.

Jeff: Leading on from that, what can the community expect in 2019?

Aaron: So in 2019, there’s a lot of work to do. The MXC team is – as I always say – focused on implementation and integration. These are two words we can’t say often enough. It’s something that’s been plaguing the blockchain industry for a long time now: what is the usage of it? How does it help me in my life? And that’s something we intend to roll out as part of the smart city solutions – to get involved in the wider community.

Jeff: Now, there are a lot of projects claiming to be the next generation of cryptocurrency. What is the next generation of cryptocurrency, and what difference do you think it will make in 2019?

Aaron: So what I mean by “the next generation of tokens” is those tokens that stand for true purpose. And that’s one thing at MXC we really pride ourselves on: taking the MXProtocol to the people, getting involved in smart cities so people can see the difference beforehand, and what MXProtocol can do for them in the future.

Jeff: There’s been a lot of discussions going on about the current market conditions. What is your take on that?

Aaron: I mean, the current market condition is very interestingly poised. It’s a bear market, but that doesn’t mean for MXC that the work stops. Quite the opposite, in fact. Now our strategy right now is while others are looking at the bear market, what we are focusing on is implementation and integration – something we’ve been focusing on since day 1 at MXC. We believe that rolling out blockchain solutions to partners will be the future of not just IoT, but the blockchain market.

Jeff: One big goal at MXC is to be the top IoT cryptocurrency. How do you see us accomplishing this?

Aaron: So we are looking at changing people’s lives. To do this, we focus on things such as implementation in New York City, rolling out to the 5 municipalities there, and ensuring that they use the MXProtocol moving forward and really releasing the Future of IoT. Additionally, we are looking at listing on Bibox, and on top of that we will be rolling out new smart city solutions in the coming weeks. We’ll also be meting with IBM, to talk about cooperation between MXC and IBM focusing on A.I and how that can help the data industry. And in the coming weeks, we are really excited to be rolling out a lot of smart city solutions, talking with partners and getting more cooperation going. We are here to change the Future of IoT. Thanks, Jeff. Look forward to joining next time.

Jeff: This has been this week’s MXC News Update. I look forward to talking with all of you again next week. Until then, get active, get in the community, ask us questions because it’s only together we can build the Future of IoT.

Siwon Kim