News Update
May 31, 2021

Low-Power Bitcoin mining is LIVE! And we got listed on BLOCKFOLIO

In this week's news update we will discuss special discount codes, merch packs, exciting new exchanges, new staff, affiliate links and US patents!

Special discount code Our friends at MatchX had some slight billing issues on their site, to make up for it they're offering a special discount code: MATCH50 getting you a healthy discount for the troubles it caused

DKP II is LIVE, make sure to sign up NOW!!!!

Roll up roll up!! MXC is now listed on Blockfolio. We are so excited to have been listed on this exchange where MXC can be accessed by over 5 million people!

Merch packs from last week's AMA are going out to 10 lucky MXC supporters... With our latest MXC shirt, which will be added to the MXC MErch store - use your REP to get your own, whats Rep? check out the telegram socials to get your own Rep!

We have some new staff! Welcome Ayush and Karina to the MXC family, focusing on Development and Office management - welcome!

Now onto affiliate links... We apologise for the delay, but the issues on the matchx site slowed everything down. Affiliate links will be made public THIS WEEK.. Thank you for your patience!

And finally... We submitted 3 US patents this week about AI and Blockchain payments

Jessica Hughes