News Update
August 12, 2019

Bithumb and Epic Events: Introducing Amsterdam

Bithumb and Epic Events: Introducing Amsterdam

Bithumb, Rockstar Developer and we’re traveling to Amsterdam. Welcome to this week’s news update.

On Wednesday we were happy to announce the launch of the MXC token on Bithumb Korea’s trading platform. Their eagerness to adopt MXC was exciting for the entire MXC team, and really demonstrated that the MXC message is getting out there. We’re here to stay, and we’re going to change the world.

We have a new developer! Luke Schoen, formerly working on Polkadot at Parity, joined the MXC movement. I had a rather exciting chat with him about his experience, and why he decided to join MXC.

In September we’re hosting the second annual Amsterdam Meetup! We’re traveling to Amsterdam to meet with our lively community there. Naturally MXC Ambassador Geert-Jan will be there with us. Tickets are limited, so if you live near Amsterdam or plan to be there on September 13, head over to the Eventbrite page to reserve your ticket.

This has been this week’s news update. I look forward to speaking with all of you again next week. Until then, get active, get in the community, as us questions — because it’s only together that we can build the Future of IoT.

Jeff Stahlnecker