Press Release
July 30, 2019

Bithumb Global Lists Global IoT Token, MXC

Korea's largest crypto exchange, Bithumb, lists the MXC Foundations revolutionary Blockchain Token “MXC” on the Bithumb Global exchange.

Bithumb Global Lists Global IoT Token, MXC

Korea’s largest crypto exchange, Bithumb, lists the MXC Foundations revolutionary Blockchain Token “MXC” on the Bithumb Global exchange.

The Berlin-based internet of things Token, “MXC” has officially launched on their 7th Exchange, opening up a massive Global market via the esteemed Bithumb Global Exchange.

“The entire MXC team is both thrilled and humbled by this recognition from such a globally renowned and trusted partner as Bithumb, this is a true honor,” said MXC Co-Founder [Aaron Wagener( “MXC has always viewed the thriving Korean market with great wonder. We are quite conscious of the entrepreneurial spirit of the Korean people and their keen technological interest, we believe this is a perfect fit that will see the MXC brand grow from strength to strength together with the people of Korea.”

After initially declaring their interest in the key market of China, MXC has now clearly mapped out their next ambitious step, Korea; a country that already boasts some of the highest token participation rates in the world with an impressive enthusiasm for Blockchain, IoT and Tokenization.

“The MXC Foundation believes that the path to global IoT Token domination is via the ‘Tiger of Asia,’ Korea,” said Wagener.

From the very outset, MXC received a lot of keen interest from investors early on, listing in their first, Top 10 Exchange, Huobi. Shortly thereafter MXC delivered again with another impressive move, listing on Crypto big hitters including, Gate and BiBox.

Since inception, the MXC token has always taken a rather unconventional approach to the industry, offering a stark contrast to other crypto tokens currently available. The key difference for MXC and their supporters is that MXC is strictly focusing on longevity via real Blockchain implementation and integration. As a Foundation, MXC has continued its focus on achieving sustainable growth in a token market that is, in many ways, seeking moral responsibility. The MXC Foundation believes this can be achieved by implementing Blockchain solutions which truly solve real-world issues.

“Our goal is to take data and turn it into tangible information, information that affects people’s day to day lives, ultimately improving the quality of life for the many, not just the few”, said Wagener.

With this latest listing on Bithumb Global, the intention of the MXC Foundation is clear, with a continual roll out of their IoT Standard and Blockchain Data solutions from Berlin, to the world.

Jeff Stahlnecker