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July 27, 2020

BSN Co-Op + M2 Pro Certifications Propel MXC Forward

BSN Co-Op + M2 Pro Certifications Propel MXC Forward

BSN Co-Op & M2 Pro Certifications

Want to see the MXC News for 27 of July, 2020? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8q00iivMPI&t

Monday, and welcome to this week’s MXC News Update!

It has been a BIG 7 days at MXC….Last week, we announced some MAJOR partnerships! So if you missed out, this is the chance for you to do some catch-up.

So let’s get started! First, MXC joined the Chinese BSN!

BSN = Blockchain Service Network, promoted by the Chinese Central government and operated by China’s SIC.

MXC is the FIRST-EVER IoT TOKEN to join this exciting movement in Blockchain within China!

MXC will gain further support from the Chinese government, and assist the government in its Blockchain-IoT and Smart City projects. . .more on that news to come soon!

Wanna find out more?

Read more about the BSN Co-Op:

The M2 Pro has been certified globally!

CE for Europe

KC for Korea

Global pre-order is NOW OPEN!

M2 Pro is shipped first-come, first-served according to the pre-order list

The sooner you mine, the more you earn!

Pre-order link in the description below

M2 Pro sales through the roof!

Across China and Korea, M2 Pro sales are exploding!

We are selling 1 M2 Pro miner roughly EVERY 90 SECONDS!

So get it fast!

Next up – the MXC DataDash App!

Tech team is continuing to improve the app and supernode stability

Meanwhile, app downloads are SPIKING on both iOS and Android!

Didn’t get your MXC DataDash app yet?

Search for “MXC” on iOS and Android app store and download today!

MXC Team Expansion

There’s no doubt MXC has one of the best teams in crypto!

We are now hiring for THREE new positions – in Marketing, in PR, and in Financial Controlling!

We are expanding fast!

Check out all the job vacancies on our Linkedin Company Page!

Also, as MXC is moving more global and the M2 Pro miner is expanding across the world we’re putting out the call for more MXC Ambassadors – if you would like to join the worlds most useful IoT token get in touch

Word of the Week – Google form will be released NEXT week!

Aaron Wagener