News Update
March 15, 2021

DHX release mainnet is coming soon!

In this weeks news update, we will discuss, AMAs, MatchX’s AI Camera, Data Highway, Automobile data automation, Das Kaiser Projects and new starts!

AMA Co-Founder and CEO Sheen Hu did a great AMA last week about MXC and DHX with over 1000 participants

MatchX’s AI camera This is finally getting closer to test. Some really exciting times are coming. Stay tuned for more info.

Data Highway The first week of DataHighway Parachain slot test was a success and we are generating blocks in the ChaChaCha testnet MXC is supporting the DHX mainnet release! When exactly is it coming? Maybe in the following days or weeks?! Keep an eye out for that!

In other news MXC is working on a new wave of automobile data automation, ensuring more energy efficiency and longevity of electric cars. More coming out about that this week.

Das Kaiser Projekt DKP is coming to an end. The development team is analysing the results and in these last few weeks have been focusing on the difficult task of matching mined blocks to the proof of participation run on MXC miners. We will be sure to tell you more about this in the coming weeks.

New starts Tammy, has joined us to do logistics and customer support to help with the mass interest. Welcome to the team, Tammy!

Jessica Hughes