News Update
September 20, 2018

EIT Digital, the Great Move, and HADAX

EIT Digital, the Great Move, and HADAX

Exciting things are happening at MXC, as we continue to grow and thrive! In this update covering our recent battles and adventures from September 10 to 14, we will talk about Xin’s visit to EIT Digital, our Great Move Forward, and MXC’s standing on the second round of HADAX. Also, we are coming to London and Amsterdam!

Xin shares his vision of the future of IoT at EIT Digital

On September 11, EIT Digital invited 20 top speakers to share their ideas at the EIT Digital Annual Conference. Our very own CEO, Xin Hu, was among the handful of selected innovators. Xin believes that LPWAN can help shape the future of IoT, and he was excited to share his vision with many like-minded individuals. Xin talked about the innovative power of LPWAN in creating Smart Cities, combined with excellent education.

The Great Move Forward

Our team at MXC Foundation is growing bigger and stronger! We recently hired a talented, new graphic designer who will bring on some great graphics to illustrate how MXC is indeed the future of IoT. We also hired a new working student, who’s here to grow and strengthen the Asian community. As we plan to grow even bigger than our current home allows, we are also moving to a new, bigger office! The words on the street say there will be a cotton candy machine, but we will find out soon.

MXC in the Second Round of HADAX

After coming in 4th on the first round, MXC has made it to the second round of HADAX! We are competing for a big win, and a chance to be listed on Huobi. So let your voice be heard, and vote for MXC on Huobi. Voting opens in mid-October (changed from the original date of September 26), so vote for us and show everyone else that MXC definitely has what it takes to be the top token to be listed on Huobi!

MXC Community Bounty Program

The MXC Community Bounty Program has been an astounding success! We are receiving a lot of interest from different people who would like to get the tracking link to submit their contents, and to receive up to 12500 MXC as a reward! If you have not signed up yet, this is your chance to hop on and earn some bounty! Check it out at:

MXC at London and Amsterdam

Aaron and Jeff are going to be traveling to meet you! On September 26th, they are going to be at London. The London Meet Up starts at 7:00 PM. Get your afternoon cuppa tucked in, get on the double-decker, and come on over! Then, on September 27th, Aaron and Jeff are bringing MXC to Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Meet Up will also start at 7:00 PM, and it will be sweeter than Stroopwafel, and smoother than canal boat rides. Save the date and the time, and we hope to see you there!

Siwon Kim