News Update
March 26, 2020

Data Native Conference & Bounty Update (ft. MXC1)

Data Native Conference & Bounty Update (ft. MXC1)

In this week’s MXC News Update, MXC Data Analyst and Developer Aslan heads to Data Native Conference. Co-Founder Aaron Wagener continues to work towards Smart City integration, while the developers make progress on MXC integration. Siwon Kim (MXC1) talks about the MXC Content Bounty program.

Original Script:

Welcome to an MXC News Update!

MXC Data Scientist and Developer Aslan Mehrabi visited the Data Native Conference in Berlin.

The discussions there centered around data and how blockchain not only influences data privacy, but provides the ideal platform for a data shared economy.

Co-Founder Aaron Wagener continues to follow-up on some key conversations he had at the Smart City World Congress. It’s looking good for smart city integrations. Of course, more will be released on this in the coming months.

Our development team is busy working on the next phase of MXC integration. Currently, they are still working on the MXC Wallet. However, they will soon be diving deeper into the MXProtocol itself. The full overview of what we’re currently working on, is available in the MXC Timeline.

MXSiwon finished reviewing the Community Bounty submissions. Here’s a short interview I had with him earlier today.

Jeff: How was it?

Siwon: It was quite a different experience. I was very happy to read all the bounties.

We created 950 tracking links, and out of those we had about 466 submissions, and out of those we had about 150 contents to review. I was the one who was manually reading through a lot of the contents. Which was actually a lot of learning opportunity for me also, because I can have a better understanding of what other people are taking and understanding from our website.

Also, there were some amazing contents out there that also taught me a lot about how these applications work in their native countries, in their native hometown and universities and so on. So those were the contents that I was very happy to read about.

Jeff: And is there anything you critique from this experience that you would want to recommend to anybody else looking at doing content bounty?

Siwon: So I think the very first is that they have to understand that the moment they agree to participate, there is a standard of quality that we are looking for. It is something that we’re holding everyone to a standard at a fair game. We are trying to be fair to everyone. So I think for everyone who participated, if they are looking towards future bounty contents, then they need to understand that they need to read through the rules, and make sure that what they are submitting is on par with the rules.

And of course, another thing I can add is, nothing is personal. We are holding people to all equal standards. So, don’t get offended. When they get offended, then it makes me more sad. And it just makes the job a little more difficult.

Jeff: Alright, well thank you, Siwon.

Siwon: Thank you, Jeff.

This has been this week’s MXC News Update. I look forward to speaking with you again next week.

Until then, get in the community, get active, ask us questions because it’s only together that we can build the Future of IoT.

Take care.

Siwon Kim