News Update
May 11, 2020

Introducing MXC Mining and Data Dash

We are introducing MXC Mining and the MXC Data Dash Mobile App! You can now mine cryptocurrency from your mobile, and manage everything directly on an app!

Introducing MXC Mining and Data Dash

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Welcome to this week’s MXC News Update! Today we have some HUGE announcements, so let’s get started!

M2 Pro MXC Miners Shipped Out to Pre-Order Customers

M2 Pro Miners are shipped to pre-order customers! Latest cutting-edge technology made by MXC and MatchX collaboration uses LPWAN to reduce electricity usage, and introduces a new type of cryptocurrency mining. There is no need for rig set up or install extensive ventilators, and it is easy to use!

If you would like to order your own M2 Pro, reach out to us!

MXC Data Dash – The Most Powerful Crypto App

We are introducing the MXC Data Dash App!

It is currently available for Android, and iPhone users will soon be able to experience it, too.

Using the MXC Data Dash app, you can manage your MXC tokens, control and monitor your stakes, and participate in In-app events and competitions to earn MXC! More over, you can view the Supernodes in real-time

MXC Data Dash is the MUST-HAVE application for all those who believe in Data, Blockchain, and profiting from the world’s MOST EXCITING source for IoT device data.

You can download it directly from our website – for both Android AND iPhone!

Siwon Kim
MXC DataDash