Introducing the MXC Merch Portal

Your easy way to get MXC Merch

Adding MXC REP to the Telegram Community certainly turned some heads. Lots of “silent watchers” began actively using the reputation tool, both giving rep, and working to gain it to achieve better standing in the MXC community. We want to give you more for your effort than status.

Use your MXC Rep for MXC Merch

Today we launched a portal where you can trade the MXC Rep you earn in our Telegram community for MXC Merch. It’s a simple and mostly automated process. Sign up using Telegram to create an account in the Shop. Your Rep amount will be sent to the shop automatically.

Once your account receives your Rep, you can add your Rep to your order before you check out. Only orders fully paid in REP will be processed. If you attempt to get Merch without Rep, we’ll invite you to one of our upcoming events.

You Keep your Community Rep

Don’t worry. Even if you use Rep for Merch, your community standing will stay the same. Our Merch Portal will keep track of how much you’ve used, and what you have available to you.

Get Started Today

Start earning Rep and sign up for an MXC Merch account to get started. You can learn all about how to get MXC Rep here.