Op – Why investing in MXC is logical

Remember those old Mac and Windows commercials? They depicted Mac as an easy going guy who could do what you needed without extra steps or baggage. Then came Windows. Windows was the corporate guy with red tape for just about everything.

IoT technologies today commonly use heavy, slow and inefficient standards. This might be Bluetooth – sucking all of your battery power. It may be WIFI – dropping in and out, and sucking all of your battery power. Or perhaps it’s GSM, 3G, LTE, 5G. Dropping in and out, sucking your battery power AND emptying your bank account. These are the technologies companies use to manage on-demand bikes like Mobike, or car sharing companies like Drive Now. Imagine the same tech being used for street lamps, synchronizing public clocks, monitoring trash levels in public bins, smart sheep … Yikes…

Would it surprise you to learn that a technology developed ten years ago can do all of this MUCH better? This is LPWAN. It works, ANYONE can use it, build stuff with it, and sell it. Unfortunately, it didn’t get the attention it deserved.

TechnologyLPWANWiFi 3G/4G/5GNB-IoT
Network TopologyDecentralized star networkDecentralized star networkCentralized star network
Target GroupAll industriesEnd consumersAll industries
Maximum range40 Kilometers200 meters10 kilometers
Single cell capacitymore than 60kless than 200around 10k
Battery life on AAA5 years3 months6 months
Licensed operationNoNoYes
GPS-free localizationYesNoYes

Why didn’t it gain enough attention? People weren’t motivated to adopt it. After all — why change a system that still works and has a fully built infrastructure?

MXC creates a decentralized, global IoT economy

Today at least (link: https://technology.ihs.com/596542/number-of-connected-iot-devices-will-surge-to-125-billion-by-2030-ihs-markit-says text: 27 billion IoT devices exist in the world). (link: https://technology.ihs.com/596542/number-of-connected-iot-devices-will-surge-to-125-billion-by-2030-ihs-markit-says text: By 2030 there will be 125 billion.) This is a massive increase and nearly 16 times the world’s current population.

All of these devices continually collect data. (link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/gilpress/2016/08/05/iot-mid-year-update-from-idc-and-other-research-firms/ text: IDC predicts that by 2025 IoT devices will collect 180 zettabytes of data). This data will then be sold, traded or used for interesting research.

MXC removes the “middle-man”, enabling each individual to share in the profits by providing connectivity. Investing in MXC helps to build an LPWAN network that anyone can provide and participate in.

Data is already traded and sold. MXC enables individuals to participate in this market

Companies collect information like weather patterns, air quality — public information that is then used and sold to other companies. MXC opens this closed market to anybody who wants to participate in it. Data you collect will be stored and stamped in the blockchain as your data. You are the owner and the original source, nobody else is. Companies or research institutions searching for this data will then be able to find it, and pay you for access. Some may even pay for live access by setting up smart contracts to automatically pull your data into their system or product. Investing in MXC makes it possible for each person on the planet to collect, use, and resell data.

Smart cities are on their way and should be built using the most efficient technology

We all pay taxes. Some of these taxes go into the research, development, and maintenance of smart cities. If these cities end up using cellular technology instead of LPWAN, the amount paid to mobile providers will be massive. By investing in MXC and LPWAN, the money spent to maintain these systems will not only be reduced, but it will also be redistributed back to the people.

In the end…

I covered a few of the altruistic reasons to invest in MXC. The final kicker is one simple fact. The value of MXC will continually increase. MXC’s market cap represents the value of Device Data in total. That said – it’s easy to see why MXC is the future of IoT.