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February 08, 2021

Low-Power BTC Mining to Start Tomorrow

In this week’s MXC News Update, we take a look at “Das Kaiser Projekt” — a low-power Bitcoin Mining program made possible by MXC.

In this week’s MXC News Update, we take a look at “Das Kaiser Projekt” — a low-power Bitcoin Mining program made possible by MXC. Moreover, we discuss the M2 Pro mining report and FAQ, OKEx listing, and an AMA with KuCoin.

###New and Returning Team Members

We would like to introduce everyone to George Geng, who is joining MXC Foundation to add support to our current efforts in the China region. George has well-grounded experience in the industry, having worked at a major exchange for the past 2 years. While the M2 Pro sales in China have been skyrocketing and our relationship with key partners in the region deepening, we thought it is only appropriate to bring in an experienced individual such as George to take a managerial role in the region. Yet not all faces coming to MXC are new! Luke Schoen has returned to MXC after working in the DataHighway DAO (DHX). Luke will provide his expertise in the latest development in MXC while providing the necessary liaison between MXC and DHX.

###M2 Pro Mining Report for 2020

If you have been considering purchasing your very own M2 Pro but were not sure about the level of returns you can expect, this one is for you! Due to popular community requests, we have put together a comprehensive report on M2 Pro mining profitability and other key statistics. You may find the full report by clicking here.

###FAQ is live

Got questions? We’ve got answers! We recently released an extensive list of FAQ collected in our global, Chinese, and Korean communities over the past few months. Each question is followed by an answer put together by the C-level managers within MXC Foundation. If you have asked a question before, there is a good chance that you may find it in the FAQ. You may find the full list by clicking here.

###OKEx Listing & AMA

We’ve experienced a massive inflow of new supporters, many of which helped us get listed on OKEx. For every one new and old, we say welcome to the MXC movement! In order to reach more new users, our co-founder Aaron Wagener is having an AMA on February 10th at 2PM CET, hosted by OKEx. Make sure to tune in for answers and some exclusive announcements!

###KuCoin & KuCoin AMA

Last Friday, MXC Co-Founder Aaron Wagener was invited to another AMA, hosted by KuCoin. Aaron answered questions about the co-op between MXC and Polkadot, and the future of data. MXC and KuCoin have been working closely due to the work MXC has been performing with Polkadot and the Parachain network. Now as you will be aware, MXC isn’t listed on KuCoin. However, we believe that smart MXC holders will know that this relationship may just blossom into something much bigger. We will have more news on this, coming soon. Users interested in the current promotion on KuCoin can click here to find out about how to vote for MXC and win exclusive prizes.

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