News Update
April 26, 2021

M2 Pro’s are being shipped across the globe and there has never been more ways to earn with MXC

In this weeks news update, we will let you know some M2 Pro updates, new starts, Data Highway news, Data Dash updates and AMAs

M2 Pro Update The M2 Pro Miners have been received by our supporters across Europe and the US! We are so excited to see all of your pics, be sure to send us some! We are continuing to deliver more M2 Pro as they hit our warehouses across the globe. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to welcoming you to MXC’s global mining movement!

Fresh new faces! MXC is expanding all the time and we are really happy we have some great new additions to our great team working hard to make MXC the best it can be! Sibi Babu joined the team to ensure the M2 Pros are sent out faster and to help improve our commitment to customer satisfaction. Sonam Bhadauria joined as a Business Analyst to work on Data Analytics. And finally, Stella MacDonald joined the team to work on the design of MXC, helping make it a more recognised global brand.

Data Highway With Data Highway DHX bonding, staking and the M2 pro mining there has never been MORE ways to earn with MXC! Your participation matters, and the way DHX continues to grow, it's clear many supporters are very happy!

MXC have been busy continuing to update the DataDash app this week making mining a smoother experience!

Now for some AMA updates! Nadia had a big AMA with a crypto media "Plain Blockchain" last week. Sheen is going to Xi'an City for a big offline event for the MXC community, meeting miner owners. He also visited Shenyang Software Campus and talked with Government officials about Smart Cities! The next step is to deploy our AIcam and sensors to this campus! MXC is getting closer to bringing smart cities around the globe! Siwon also took part in a live AMA on Youtube talking about everything related to MXC and DHX. We are going to type the session up and will share it with you all soon.

Jessica Hughes