News Update
August 10, 2020

2500 M2 Pro Shipped & $5000 BTC Giveaway Round 4

We shipped 2500 M2 Pro cryptocurrency miner, welcoming a new group to the world of easy cryptocurrency mining!

2500 M2 Pro Shipped & $5000 BTC Giveaway Round 4

Last week, we have shipped 2500 M2 Pro crypto miners to the next group of pre-order customers around the world. Round 4 of the $5000 BTC Giveaway is starting this week, so make sure to find the Word of the Week in our weekly news update!

This is the original script in English for the MXC News Update, published on August 10, 2020.

It’s the 10th of August, welcome to this week’s MXC News Update – because, at MXC, we live to give! This week, we’re searching for Ambassadors, we’ve started the next round of the $5,000 Bitcoin Giveaway, and we will release the M2 Pro fact and earnings sheet.

2,500 M2 Pro Shipped

M2 Pro production has been on fire, not literally, we have had our production facility working around the clock and I can confirm we have just shipped over 2,500 M2 Pro’s

As a result, we now have two further OEM partners producing the M2 pro for us to keep up with demand….M2 Pro IS the most successful IoT Miner on the planet!

Apply to Become an MXC Ambassador

Speaking of the demand, if you are an Ambassador or are looking to become an Ambassador, then we demand you step forward!

Ok, maybe not “demand” but we request……we are looking for new MXC Ambassadors across the globe, Korea, Vietnam, Australia, USA, Germany, wherever……

Want to become an ambassador? Just reach out to us at

We’ve also released a new M2 Pro video, demonstrating the skills and abilities of the M2 Pro, so check it out!

Round 4 of $5000 BTC Giveaway Open

And lastly – or should I say firstly? We are beginning a BRAND NEW round of our $5,000 Bitcoin giveaway!!!! So this is the 1st week of a new competition and for that, you’re going to need this week’s word of the week, which is quite a common theme here of late, the word is “(watch the News Update to find out)” so make sure to jot it down and keep it somewhere safe, that word could be the key to you winning some BTC!

Siwon Kim
M2 Pro