News Update
August 03, 2020

Increased Mining Rewards, M2 Pro Becomes Global IoT Giant + BTC Giveaway!

The M2 Pro is becoming a giant in cryptocurrency mining! On top of the crypto mining rewards, some miners have received double mining rewards!

Increased Mining Rewards, M2 Pro Becomes Global IoT Giant + BTC Giveaway!

This week MXC made a special Mining rally enabling Miners to earn double mining rewards for 24hrs, it was a spectacular and profitable scene, congrats to all the miners who were involved! MXC is making waves in the world of IoT becoming the biggest LoRa Chip buyer on the planet. A big thanks goes to all of our miners who played a role in getting MXC to this position. It is the last week of this round’s BTC giveaway! Are you on board? Get that word of the week ready, the google form is NOW open… it’s time to start filling out those answers!

The following is the original script of the MXC News Update, uploaded on August 3, 2020.

Welcome to this, the 32nd MXC News Update for 2020. What a year! This week we’re talking about all things Mining, DataDash, Double Mining Rewards and $5,000 worth of Bitcoin to be won – all that and a whole lot more. . . . so let’s get into it!

MXC becomes a Major LoRa Chip Customer

In M2 Pro News, this week MXC became one of the biggest LoRa chip customers on the planet – How? Well, due to the extreme amount of orders that YOU all put in for the M2 Pro Miner of course! Have you put our order in yet?

Double Mining Rewards for Select Miners

Speaking of M2 Pro and Mining – MXC ran a special XY promotion during the week, MXC doubled mining rewards — yes DOUBLED! That means those miners got twice as much MXC as they would usually – now add the rise in price on MXC – and, well that’s some BIG gains for a legion of miners! Congrats to that Mining community!

M2 Pro Mining Fact Sheets Published Soon

Now, I know a lot of our international community in Australia, Europe, the US and Asia are keen to learn more about the M2 Pro, including the mining rewards, never fear….we will be releasing a fact sheet next week with all the key details you NEED to know, keep an eye out for that (09:08)

DataDash App Update Available

Wow, we’ve been busy this week – the DataDash App has an update, for the hundreds of thousands of users out there, make sure to update to 1.4.0 (09:47)

Speaking of updates our Supernodes have undergone a new release, release 2.0.8 for those of you keeping score at home 😉

This Supernode release moves the M2M Wallet, fully integrating it into the DataDash App, we’ve also updated how the Supernodes send email notifications and we’ve fully updated the backend for the M2M wallet — make sure to check it out! (0:24)

Round 3 of $5000 BTC Giveaway Closing

This round for the MXC $5,000 Bitcoin ends today, so make sure to get your WORD of THE WEEK in. . . and get filling in the form for this week

Yes, that’s right the google form is OPEN, but, you will need that word. .

So without further ado. . . I guess you’re waiting for that word, that, word of the week, that word that’s going to earn you some cold, hard, BTC….. that word is…. (watch the News Update to find out) so MAKE sure to spell it correctly, fill in the google form and you have a chance of winning some Bitcoin!

Siwon Kim