News Update
May 03, 2021

MatchX and the M2 Pro have a new website and Das Kaiser Projekt II is launching in May

In this weeks news update we will talk about the MXC voice going far and wide, Data Dash fixes, exciting news for Match X and AMAs

Can you guess where Co-Founder and CEO Sheen Hu has been this week?

Well, he’s visited Guangxi with Professor Cheng from Guangxi Academy to promote the smart cities! George, from the MXC team, also had a busy week participating in the Taicang tech pitch competition!


Last week Alibaba officially announced MXC Foundation as a fully recognized member of Alibaba’s IoT Connectivity Alliance. This is the first time Alibaba has granted its ICA membership to a blockchain IoT project, and is a great milestone for everyone at MXC and the entire cryptocurrency industry as a whole. With the Alibaba ICA membership, MXC is joining the ranks of companies such as Bosch, Qualcomm, Schneider Electric and Panasonic through the Alibaba ICA.

Data Dash fixes

Data Dash has also been on a roll this week! Lots of bugs have been fixed:

  • fixed an issue with the DHX 2FA button during withdraw
  • fixed the login animation on the login screen
  • fixed the bug reporting tool in “screenshots”
  • fixed an issue causing staked assets to show confusing information
  • fixed an issue causing it difficult to refresh the miners page
  • added “how much to bond” text to the simulator

MatchX news!!

And now for some great news!! MatchX is launching a brand new website TODAY! We are excited to create more clarity, more ways to pay for your miner and more visibility of your order. Make sure to check out the website.

Successful AMAs

And finally, as was heard in last week’s AMA with Siwon Kim, Das Kaiser Projekt II will be launching in May. The tech team is doing some final fixes to the system to ensure more can get involved. Keep your eyes out for the application form, it will be dropping in the next few weeks!

Jessica Hughes