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July 09, 2021

M2 Pro Miner Health: Decentralized Mining at its Best

Miner Health, an interactive user-focused model, allowing miners, for the very first time, to choose their own mining rate, as they please, this is new-age mining, decentralized.

Since its inception, MXC has focused on developing and formulating the next big step in Blockchain technology, strengthening our massive global network whilst increasing decentralization and securing the returns of tens of thousands of participants within the MXC network. Furthermore, to extend the longevity of Miner returns, for those who are actively contributing to the global expansion of the MXProtocol, MXC has delivered a brand new concept called; Miner Health, an interactive user-focused model, allowing miners, for the very first time, to choose their own mining rate, as they please, this is new-age mining, decentralized.

What is Miner Health?

  • Miner health is central to the Proof of Participation (POP) mining system, enabling miners to have absolute clarity and oversight of ALL aspects affecting their mining power.
  • Miner health is our way of giving miners freedom and empowering them to continue earning. We don't dictate; we liberate - this system is decentralized and monetized.

What impacts miner health?

  • Miner fuel and uptime are the two significant factors that affect miners' health.
  • Uptime expresses the reliability of the miner. If a miner is offline for a few days, it is considered unreliable and will be limited for mining at full capacity. This incentivizes miners to optimize their uptime, thus directly contributing to establishing a more reliable network that can serve billions of IoT devices around the world.
  • The miner fuel is the MXC tokens. If you want to remove, reinvest, or convert to FIAT, you can do that anytime. It’s your MXC, and you control how you earn! Even if you have withdrawn all your tokens, your miner health will only decrease by a manageable percentage (similar to halving), but, at the same time, as you mine continuously, it will start to replenish and boost itself automatically, thus increasing your miner fuel at a steady rate, all the way back to 99.9%. So as long as you keep mining, the fuel tank keeps filling, regardless of whether you emptied it.
  • Want to speed up your mining power? You can top it up at any time you wish by depositing MXC tokens. But there is zero obligation to do this; your M2 Pro will continue to mine. This is all up to you.


Before taking a deep dive into Miner Health, it’s important to point out for new miners; the MXC Foundation has introduced a grace period of 90 days for all new miners. That means, from the day you plug in your Miner, you have 90 days to learn and understand all of the aspects of your miner without having any reduction in your earnings. Sure, your Miner will demonstrate a %age reduction during the 90 days. This way you can see which aspects affect your Health the most; however, in the first 90 days, this will not affect your earnings as long as your M2 Pro Miner continues to remain plugged in and connected to the MXProtocol.

So, let’s now go into the specifics of Miner Health and highlight the aspects that are important to you and important to the MXC LPWAN global Data Network:



What this element precisely measures is connectivity, so to ensure your M2 Pro gets to 100% Uptime, you’ll want to make sure you have a stable internet connection and power running to your M2 Pro. Now, at times even the best internet and WiFi connections experience rough patches or even complete drop-outs; yes, we’ve all been there! But, don’t worry, your M2 Pro Miner will only experience a downgrade for the moments you are offline. Moreover, the team devised a seven-day rolling average, ensuring that if by chance you have a power outage, or need to disconnect your M2 Pro Miner to move houses or apartments, then your Miner Uptime %age will reset after seven days, taking the 7-day average into account. So, Uptime is really important, and your M2 Pro will send data statistics regularly to ensure it’s online, and, in the odd case it isn’t, your Miner Uptime will continue to build up to 100% within a seven day period.



Another factor that can influence Miner’s health is altitude and GPS. What this means is the “height” of your M2 Pro miner from ground level; this is a system that we’ve been working hard on. We devised an algorithm that takes into consideration the base from your M2 Pro Miner to the ground along with GPS and Altitude factors.


However, in saying this, we completely understand that whilst some people live in a country such as the Netherlands, a very low lying country, and although they may put their Miner in an extremely elevated position, it would technically never receive a higher altitude %age as someone in the lofty heights of Nepal who keeps their Miner in a basement. As a result, our M2 Pro Miner algorithm takes these aspects into account to ensure people are not penalized based on “where they live” on this planet. All you need to ensure is when altitude is live, you get your miner in a high location, keeping your miner at a peak and your earning at a peak also.



Having the miner upside down, thrown in a cupboard, or in the basement can distort the efficiency of the miner. The antennas are on the top of your M2 Pro for a reason; therefore it’s essential you place your Miner upright, whether hanging it on a wall or keeping it window-side, orientation is essential to get the maximum result from your M2 Pro. Due to weak GPS and LPWAN signals in areas such as basements or a cupboard, or, alternatively, having your M2 pro placed between two concrete walls will negatively affect your ability to protect your data network. So, keep your M2 Pro upright, not sideways, and you’ll keep straight on mining!



Proximity also has an impact on the efficiency of miners, as having five or more miners in a 50 meter (164 Feet) proximity or closer can cause a small effect on the mining efficiency. Naturally, we want everyone to spread out their miners as much as possible as it is essential to the growth and expansion of the world’s largest LPWAN data network. For example, having 30 miners in one room is not exactly contributing to the growth of the network; of course, it’s contributing to the growth of miners pockets, and that is great, but we are working together with miners to build out this global network, so this is a movement that works for both parties. Of course, we understand that not everyone has the ability to spread their Miners even more than 3 meters (9 feet) apart. That’s why the reduction in mining in the area of proximity is very minimal and won’t affect your mining experience too much. In the end, we are here to build the global data network, and we can only do this by working together.



Fuel has been one of the most contested and confusing elements of all aspects of Miner Health. Here we’ll break it down for you, but before we do, please feel free to click on this video to help explain it all a little better EARN & LEARN.

Miner Fuel allows miners to withdraw from their fuel tank at any time they wish. It’s your Mined MXC token, and all of it belongs to you, 100%; it always has, and always will! When you reduce your Miner fuel, you will also reduce your minability. However, and this is the amazing aspect of all of this, your Miner Fuel will continue to refill, even if you withdraw from it. The fuel tank fills with the mined MXC token you are mining on a daily basis! So, there is NO need to have to purchase any MXC whatsoever, and your Mined token will eventually refill your Fuel up to 99.9%. Now, if you would rather not wait for the fuel tank to auto refuel, and you’d rather it fill up immediately, so you can get back to 100% Miner Health Power, then you can simply re-add MXC to your fuel tank to top it up, but, as we stated, there’s no pressure to buy any MXC, and this is entirely at your leisure.

Furthermore, even if you were to reduce your fuel and withdraw every last Mined MXC you ever mined on your M2 Pro, your mining would only drop by a maximum of 50%! Imagine that! Can a miner that performs halving ever increase its mining rate by more than 50%? Nope, Never! This is just yet another advantage to Miner Health, it’s something that’s never been done before, and we believe it’s more Miner friendly than anything else out there. It’s your Miner, and you have the power to choose when your Mining power reduces or increases; this is decentralized Mining, and it’s empowering the M2 Pro community!

A question we’ve heard often is, why can’t I also stake my MXC or bind it for DHX whilst remaining at 100% fuel? The reason for this is simple; the M2 Pro requires what we call “liquid token,” and what this means is “easily accessible MXC” to use for the data network, whether that means paying for data downlinks, trading on the data network, or buying/selling data between two data points. This is essential to ensure our global data network continues to thrive into the world’s largest IoT Data Network powered by the MXC utility token; this is the utility aspect we are promoting for MXC. If your MXC is locked in staking for 3, 6, 12, or 24 months, it is inaccessible for your miner; therefore that MXC can’t be used for the global data network, which is what we, together with our vibrant mining community, are building.

Now, of course, you can still stake, mine DHX, and get involved in the broader range of activities within the Proof of Participation (POP) mining model. It simply means that with more MXC, you will get to enjoy earning more, and in various ways! Alternatively, you can choose to slightly reduce your fuel to invest in other aspects of the M2 Pro. Imagine it this way, simply by taking your Mined MXC from your fuel tank, you have the possibility of earning more elsewhere, whether that is in DFi, Uniswap Liquidity Pool Trading, DHX, Staking, or more, this is entirely up to you, our goal is to make you as profitable as possible, we are here for you!


A project such as Miner Health has never been seen within the Blockchain space before. The MXC Foundation wanted to introduce a new model that allowed Miners to continue to earn and earn more than halving ever could offer. We understand that there has been a lot of confusion and a lot of misunderstandings about Miner Health. However, we believe this model is the future for M2 Pro Miners, and it’s another way we are giving power back to our Mining community, so they may decide at what level they mine.

Of course, all models do change over time, ensuring continued relevance and keeping up to date with the current market situation. At the MXC Foundation, we believe the Miner Health model, along with consistent and constant changes to maintain the growth of our global data network, will allow for all to maintain flexibility and achieve a stronger global movement for everyone.

Miner health is the next step in strengthening our global data network, and this is how blockchain meets real-world applications. MXC, Bitcoin, DHX, and with DOT mining to come, this is the Multi-Token Miner you've always wanted!

And. . . we’ve only just begun to reward our Mining community; there’s still so much more to come! Welcome to the new world of Mining, MXC Crew!

MXC Foundation