More Growth & Expansion at MXC

Growth and expansion are on their way to MXC! The prize winners of MXC2020 Giveaway have been announced, while the tech team has a new team member! There is another MASSIVE competition on the way, and MXC team will hit the road again.
Here’s the original script of the news update in English.

We’re BACK and getting right into 2020. . . .the New Year fireworks, balloons, and party streamers have been packed away, but the fun is JUST beginning. . . . so without further ado let’s get straight to work and into this weeks. . . . . . MXC news update!!!!

Let’s start by closing off some business from last year, we had 83, yes 83!!! successful participants in our MXC 2020 competition, and gave away iPhones, Powerbanks, Smart Watches and some MXC T-Shirts. Thank you to all who participated …..we will be sending out the prizes shortly and hope to show you some of the pics of the lucky winners next week…..

So REMEMBER to send us your pics you lucky ducks!

In tech news, we have yet another newcomer to the MXC Fam. . . our very first New Zealand addition …….Stefan Bachmann has joined our tech team as a QA Engineer and will help us in our continuing story of rolling out the future of IoT! Welcome to the team, Stefan! 

Next week we will be starting a massive new competition, additionally, we’ll be telling you of the first travels of the year for the MXC founders and. . . we will drop some more of the hottest, freshest MXC news that we’ve been cooking up for you. 

That’s been this week’s MXC news update. . . thank you for joining us, and as always, it’s only TOGETHER we can create the future of IoT…. take care!