December 09, 2019

MXC 2020 Giveaway is Live!

Go into 2020 in style. Participate in MXC 2020 Giveaway to win Amazon Gift Cards, Apple Airpod, iPhone 11 Pro, and more! Giveaway ends soon!

MXC 2020 Giveaway is Live!

To go into New Year in style, we are launching a MASSIVE bounty, filled with prizes such as Airdrops, Apple Airpods, and iPhone 11 Pro!

To get started, you will need a Twitter account and a Telegram account. So make sure you have those, and let’s get started!

Step 1: Fill out this form

Step 2: Follow us on Twitter

Step 3: Join us on Telegram, and say hi!

After completing those three steps, you get 3 tickets.

Ticket System Explained

Until January 1, 2020 at 10PM (CET), you will have chances to earn tickets every day. Tickets are the vouchers you can trade in to claim various gifts and giveaways. There are many activities every day through which you can earn tickets, such as:

Telegram Quiz: Twice per day, there will be quizzes on our Telegram group. By giving the correct answer, you can get 1 ticket per correct answer. Each quiz stays valid until the next quiz. Telegram Quiz will be held at: 11AM CET and 10PM CET, every day.

Twitter Quiz: Twice per day, there will be quizzes on our Twitter. By clicking ''Like'' on the Tweet and commenting the correct answer, you can get 1 ticket per correct answer. Each quiz stays valid until the next quiz. Twitter Quiz will be held at: 1PM CET and 6PM CET, every day.

Trade-in Reps for Tickets: Per 100 Reps earned, you are automatically granted 1 ticket. To ensure fairness to new community members, only Reps earned from December 9 to January 1 will count. Reps, or “Reputation Points”, are given to those who are excellent to each other. This may be being helpful, answering questions, or reporting spam and suspicious behavior. To give reputation points, simply reply to the recipient’s comment with “/rep” to give 1 reputation point. You may comment with “/rep 2” to give 2 reputation points. You can give up to 10 reputation points per day. More details can be found here.

Stake MXC tokens to earn Tickets: Staking your MXC tokens to Supernodes are the safest way to earn an interest rate on your tokens. Per 2000 MXC tokens staked, you automatically receive 1 ticket. More information about how to stake MXC tokens can be found here.

Claiming Prizes

We have prepared various prizes for each category! The categories are as following:

100 Tickets: MXC Pen

200 Tickets: USB Card

300 Tickets: MXC t-shirt

400 Tickets: MXC Mug

500 Tickets: MXC Metal Coin (random airdrop from $1 to $1000)

600 Tickets: MXC Hoodie

700 Tickets: Amazon Giftcard

800 Tickets: Powerbank

900 Tickets: Smart Watch

1000 Tickets: Football Jersey (Team of your choice)

1200 Tickets: Amazon Echo Dot

1300 Tickets: Apple Airpods

1400 Tickets: iPhone 11 Pro

You have until January 1, 10PM CET to earn as many tickets as possible!

Random Event

If you do not acquire enough tickets at the end, you can still participate in various “Random Events” to win CASH PRIZES. Random Events are announced on Twitter at random times, and some may last for only an hour, while some may last for a few days. So make sure to follow us on Twitter!

Good luck to everyone!

MXC Foundation gGmbH holds all the rights to disqualify participants in cases where fraudulent activity is suspected. Fraudulent behaviour includes, but is not limited to: Interacting with multiple accounts to gain unjust advantages, forging of any kind, and inter-voting rep points. Due to the limited supply of the prizes, prizes will be given on a first-completed, first-received points basis. Those who reach the number of required tickets first will have the chance to claim the prizes. In order to be in the running to receive a prize, participants must complete all required tasks, provide his/her email address, phone number, and shipping address. This information shall only be used for shipping purposes. If the participant fails to respond with the information within 3 days, the prize will be assigned to another person on the list. By receiving the prizes, participants agree to be featured on all promotions in regards to the giveaway. For any reason if a prize is unavailable the prize may be replaced for another prize at the same or lesser value.Winners will be announced by Midday (CET – Berlin, Central European Time) by January 10, 2020. If the participant has revoked or removed any of the activities he/she has performed in order to be eligible for a prize by the time of the announcement, the prize may be cancelled and be given to another participant on the winners list. The prize pool is limited, by achieving the specified amount of points / tickets required to be eligible to win a prize does not automatically ensure you will receive a prize. MXC Foundation gGmbH is the operator of this competition and any disputes will be held in the courts of Berlin, Germany. No prizes may be traded for cash or the cash value of the prize, the prizes are accepted “as is”. Due to the fact that MXC gGmbH is the sole proprietor of this competition all decisions made by MXC gGmbH are final. MXC gGmbH can end this competition at any time and has the right to refuse any entries for any reason.

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