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May 05, 2021

What does it mean for MXC to join Alibaba's ICA?

Putting MXC at the front line of crypto and blockchain adoption.

Last week, the breaking news was shared of MXC becoming the first blockchain IoT project to join Alibaba’s ICA. This news was an important step for crypto, and puts MXC to the top of the IoT and smart city movement. MXC is the first ever blockchain project to join the Alibaba alliance. What does this really mean?

MXC can use this to build a smart city infrastructure, and makes MXC the leaders of smart city blockchain adoption. MXC have been fortunate to also secure a 7-figure USD investment from the Government of Hangzhou as part of the city’s blockchain-driven smart city initiative. This investment encompassed a partnership signed with the government to transform the city, rolling out LPWAN hubs throughout Shanghai and Hangzhou. Together with this investment, and the membership of Alibaba’s ICA will make smart cities using blockchain a reality.

Alibaba’s ICA unites members of the IoT smart home, smart city, smart industry and other industries in order to improve and build an industrial ecosystem for IoT. Members of this include Panasonic, Bosch and Qualcomm that MXC will be able to work with in the future.

MXC has an office in Hangzhou where the headquarter of Alibaba is, which will provide for convenient communication. Alibaba has invited MXC to move into the Alibaba campus in Hangzhou, making this alliance stronger.

The gravity of this can simply not go a miss and is a sizable step in blockchain technology being adopted in the IoT world. MXC has a big responsibility to drive this forward and create an ecosystem that respects decentralisation and the grass-root movement provided by blockchain.

This puts MXC at the front line of crypto and blockchain adoption. MXC looks forward to the opportunities that this will bring for the company, and the IoT community as a whole.

Jessica Hughes