News Update
February 26, 2020

MXC AMA and Masks to China

After being warmly welcomed by 600+ people on MXC AMA, MXC donated more than 500 masks to affected areas in China as a community support program.

MXC AMA and Masks to China

This is the original script in English for the MXC News Update, published on February 24, 2020.

WELCOME to MXC News Update, where we talk about everything MXC. Today is February 24, 2020 and let’s get right into it!

600+ Combined in MXC AMA’s and 500 Masks to China

FIRST, we have some more exciting news from China. MXC donated ANOTHER 500 masks to affected areas in China, bumping up our efforts to help our Chinese community.

MXC CEO Sheen Hu was featured in a second round of AMA with Polkadot. He was also featured on another AMA with Yidao Community. Both AMAs were joined by more than 300 people!

Aaron Continues His Journey in Australia

Next up, MXC Co-Founder Aaron Wagener continues his journey in Australia! He’s meeting with MXC supporters and crypto enthusiasts. So if you belong in that group, reach out to us to schedule a meeting with Aaron!

Supernodes Become a lot Smoother

So what’s popping in our tech team? Bug hunting! The tech team has been working hard to bring only the best experience for those who use our Supernode.

Word of the Week for $5000 BTC Giveaway

You’ve been waiting… I can tell. The Word of the Week for this week is (watch the News Update to find out). Write it down, and don’t forget it to claim $5000 in BTC!

And that’s it for this week’s MXC News Update!

Until then…. Take care!

Siwon Kim