News Update
March 08, 2021

MXC and MatchX Double-AMA and we were featured in Tagesspiegel

In this week's news update we talk about chip shortages with Tesla, exciting new starts, EU Panel discussions, Bitcoin giveaway news, Polkadot wins, exciting news features, AMAs and some great M2 Pro videos!

EU Panel discussions At the end of March Aaron has been invited to sit on an EU Panel to discuss the digital euro

Das Kaiser Projekt updates Das Kaiser Projekt continues to steam along, it is the second week for selected participants to bethe first in the world to experience low-power BTC mining thanks to the M2 Pro. Once Das Kaiser Projekt completes successfully, we will know the full results in around 2 more weeks and we will then start researching other tokens to mine on the M2 Pro, what are your suggestions? Add them in the comments

Have you heard about the chip shortages? They are slowing the digital world, including Tesla Motors, MXC is no different, but we are still keeping up with the orders for M2 Pro - want to get yours? Be quick!

New starts Welcome to our new Graphic Designer to the MXC Family - Maria Jose Orcorchuk making it our second Argentina to join MXC

Bitcoin giveaway Congratulations to the winners who won $300, $200 and $100 worth of Bitcoin!!!

Polkadot wins In other great news, MXC is pushing the first Parachain auction in Polkadot testnet "Chachacha" and got approved!

News features We were also featured in Tagesspiegel news for leading the Berlin blockchain sector during the pandemic.

M2 Pro videos from you The user produced M2 pro videos from our supporters are sensational, check out all the entries on youtube! Just search MXC M2 Pro Miner to check out the entrants... which was your favourite? Congrats to all winners! and thanks to all the entries! More competitions to come!

AMA Kirill and Siwon held an AMA last Friday on Telegram to answer all of your tricky questions, they had a HEAP of questions and attendees in what was another exciting MXC AMA.. our Telegram has been super busy, you can FEEL the movement growing! This article was originally published on the MXC Blog at: on March 08, 2021.

Jessica Hughes