News Update
January 20, 2020

MXC Asia Roadshow, and $5000 Bitcoin Giveaway

The $5000 Bitcoin giveaway is picking up its pace, while the MXC team is starting its Asia Roadshow. Find out more in this week's MXC News Update.

MXC Asia Roadshow, and $5000 Bitcoin Giveaway

This is the original script for the MXC News Update, published on January 20, 2020.

Is the bull market back? Crypto is once again on everyone’s radar . . . and we have got the world in our sights. This week we’re planning…..trips to Asia, Hardware mining releases and . . . and .. and you’ll find out right after this . . .

MXC in Korea and Japan

This is yet another busy week in the world of MXC – CoFounder Aaron Wagener and Biz Dev Manager Siwon Kim will be in Korea to meet with a range of partners including Hyundai Motor Corporation – did I let that slip? More news about that in the coming weeks. Hu Xin and Aaron will also be traveling to Japan to meet with a number of our MXC investors as well as continuing a trip across China, a key market for MXC.

Easiest Way to EarnMXC

Together with our partner Huawei you can now buy your mining Hardware, want to start earning MXC at the push of a button? Get involved, get active and get your Hardware!

Tech Continues to Develop

In tech news. . . MXC has merged the UI of the M2M Wallet with the LPWAN Server, making the entire system mobile-friendly, which means more accessibility, more on the go usage and more people getting involved with MXC!

$5000 BTC Competition Picks Up Pace

Now the competition we mentioned next week is getting serious! MXC is giving away prizes including $5,000 worth of BTC! Yes, that’s right, $5,000 worth of Bitcoin! All you have to do is collect the word of the week – the MXC word of the week this week is (Watch the News Update to find out) write it down – save it, collect it, hide it somewhere because there’ll be a word of the week every week, the more you collect the more you win. It’s simple! We will reveal even more about this competition in the coming weeks!

That has been another BIG MXC news update – thank you for being part of MXC– and remember its only together that we can create the future of IoT … take care!

Siwon Kim