News Update
February 03, 2020

MXC Asia Roadshow and Decrypt Tuesday

MXC team had productive meeting with some of the giants in various industries in Korea and Japan. The first episode of Decrypt Tuesday is now live.

MXC Asia Roadshow and Decrypt Tuesday

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This week MXC hits the road, meeting impressive partners throughout Korea and Japan, and back at the Berlin HQ we’ve been doing our tech thang. . . welcome to this weeks MXC News Update!

We are back AGAIN, every week. . .like clock-work (turn to the side of the camera) is there another token that keeps their followers SO up to date?….. On a weekly basis? NO! There isn’t! Is MXC legendary for doing this? (look back at the camera and nod) YES, we are.

MXC meets with Hyundai and Hitachi

Co-Founder Aaron Wagener and MXC1 traveled across Asia – – NOTHING stops them from meeting with partners and spreading the global word of MXC, stay safe guys! The dynamic duo of Aaron and Siwon met with Hyundai in Seoul to discuss the integration of our smart tracking solutions for automobiles using Lora, Ai, and IoT. Whilst in Korea they also met with global tech giant Hitachi.

MXC meets with Dentsu and JE Holdings

Moving over to Japan. . . MXC Founders Aaron Wagener and Sheen Hu were in the Japanese capital of Tokyo, meeting with Dentsu to talk everything Ai – we look forward to making a bigger scale announcement about this meeting in the coming weeks. Sheen also met with JE Holdings one of the largest wind-powered energy suppliers in Japan, looking to integrate the power of LPWAN into their industry!

Word of the Week

Now…Is this the moment you’ve been waiting for? If not, then kindly move along . . . if it IS. . . then your word of the week for this week is (Watch the News Update to find it).

Check out the Tech Releases

Now. . . to tech news, our team has released the latest in bug updates, wanna check it out? Wanna look at the fixed we’ve been working on? Check it out at

Decrypt Tuesday is now Live

This just in . . DECRYPT TUESDAYS begins their 1st episode tomorrow! Make sure to tune in and learn more about crypto, blockchain, listen to some controversy. . . which only Siwon can do — there are influencers, industry movers and shakers and NO shilling…guaranteed! Tune in every Tuesday for DeCrypt Tuesdays starting tomorrow … on this channel!

And if you want to improve, submit changes or suggestions, ping us on github at github/mxcfoundation/documentation we are here to serve YOU!

That’s been the MXC news update for yet another week, remember get active, get involved, MXC is made for YOU. . . because its only together that we can build the future of IoT. . . .take care!

Siwon Kim
Decrypt Tuesday