News Update
December 23, 2019

MXC at Factory Berlin, and Supernode Update!

MXC Co-Founder Aaron Wagener visited Factory Berlin, and we have some Supernode Update! There's also a Christmas surprise..

MXC at Factory Berlin, and Supernode Update! Well its beginning to look a lot like. . . . an MXC Christmas!

What a year its been, thank you for joining me once again for THIS week’s MXC News Update, is there another token that gives you WEEKLY updates? (look off to the side) (look back) I think not

So let’s get into it. . .

In the week that is MXC –

MXC Co-Founder Aaron Wagener visited Berlins Start-Up Hub “Factory Berlin” to talk to participants about structuring Start-Up’s, IoT and Corporate Structure, on how to build your company into a success!

Now, this is a BIG story, working together with our IoT Hardware partner MatchX, they’ve allowed us to present you with a sneak peek of their (pause) earth-shattering (look away from the camera and look back) groundbreaking (pause) and all the other superlatives you can possibly think of. . . it’s the LoRa GATEWAY of all Gateways. . . this is the new Gateway that is set to break all records, sending more data, more uplinks, more downlinks than ever before!!!

Did someone say Supernodes? No? Then why did I just hear the word Supernode? Well whatever, I’m glad you mentioned it!

Our Supernodes are also breaking records. . . did you know how successful our Staking and Supernodes have been in just a few weeks? Our awesome MXC community has staked almost 5% of MXC token. . . that’s right 5% of ALL MXC has been staked … in just a few weeks!

And we’ve only rolled out 3 Supernodes so far! Want to get involved? Check out our Supernode links to find out how you can get involved!

That was the 2nd last news update for 2019. Thank you for joining me and remember, it’s only TOGETHER that we can create the Future of IoT . . . Take Care!

Siwon Kim
MXC Supernodes