4 reasons why MXC is the best IoT token

Yes, I work at MXC, so naturally, I think it’s the best. So much so that I let them call me the MXC Guy! However, there are four reasons that took me from “MXC Employee” to “the MXC Guy.” I bet they will impress you too.

1. MXC will be business ready in 2019

MXC has exclusive access to hardware distributed in over 40 countries. This means we’re testing the MXProtocol on it, and adding the protocol to these devices will be easy. Just as easy as a simple update. What other IoT token can claim that what they designed is being used on hardware, for its purpose the year after they start? If you find one, let me know. (link: https://t.me/mxcfoundation text: Let’s chat about it in Telegram.)

2. MXC improves wireless connectivity

If you read our technical white paper, then you heard about the Anti-Colission Coordinator. This portion of the MXProtocol ensures that data isn’t sent over the same frequency at exactly the same time. You may have heard the “radio frequencies are like train tracks” analogy. One frequency is like one track. Two signals can’t travel over it at exactly the same time in the same space. Unfortunately, LPWAN technologies don’t coordinate when they send data, this data then collides and is lost. The Anti-Collision Coordinator fixes this problem.

3. MXC [interchain] Data Market

Data is collected consistently, all over the world. By default, some of this data belongs to you. You collected, it’s your data, period. Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways the “average Joe/Jill” can monetize this data. Well, not until now. MXC makes it possible for data collected over LPWAN to be easily sold through a digital market. This is great, as it also creates one place for buyers of data to look for what they want.

4. Building a publicly owned wireless network

This is just cool. Companies currently pay providers money to access a network. What if they paid you instead? We’re making that possible. All you need to do is set up an LPWAN Gateway and allow sensors to send their data over it. Now you’re probably thinking “but it costs so much money!” It really doesn’t. These devices run on very little power, and with IoT devices breeding faster than rabbits, you can expect sensor density in your city to increase rapidly. Check out my article on passive income with MXC if you’re curious about how this can work.

The conclusion? MXC is the best IoT token. As I said earlier – if you don’t agree with me, let me know. (link: https://t.me/mxcfoundation text: Let’s chat about it in Telegram.)