News Update
June 01, 2020

MXC Combines A.I. and Blockchain for the Masses

MXC is combining AI and Blockchain in IoT! With new patents on AI development and more consumer goods being powered by MXC and the MXProtocol!

MXC Combines A.I. and Blockchain for the Masses

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MXC Receives 2 New Patents on A.I

The Patents on utilizing AI and LPWAN in combination is a revolutionary technology that empowers MXC to go deeper into AI development Combining AI and LPWAN was never done before, which is an area that MXC is now pioneering in the entire world!

Supernodes now Accepting LPWAN Devices

LPWAN devices are now allowed on the Supernodes! People can now start adding their own LPWAN devices on the Supernodes and start earning MXC. Secure MQTT is added to Supernodes, with enhanced encryption and authentication to build the future of secure IoT!

MXProtocol-Powered Smart Door Lock Launches

LPWAN consumer goods – developed by MXC – are launching in China! The LPWAN-powered smart door lock is going into manufacturing, after huge anticipation and pre-order from the market. Soon, more and more consumer goods will be powered by LPWAN, and by MXC!

Looking for New Talents at MXC

We are hiring! You can check out all the available positions on our website or on our LinkedIn page.

$5000 BTC Giveaway

The Word of the Week for June 1 (today) is the last one you will need to fill out the Google Form to take part in Round 2 of $5000 BTC Giveaway! You can get bonus points by taking a screenshot of the MXC DataDash mobile app, so don’t forget to download the app! You can find our app on Google Playstore or on our website).

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