News Update
May 18, 2020

What's Up at MXC? Feat. Siwon Kim

We sat down with MXC BD Manager Siwon Kim to discuss the latest developments at MXC and the power of the MXC Community in its making.

What’s Up at MXC? Feat. Siwon Kim This is the original script for the MXC News Update, uploaded on May 18, 2020. It includes an interview featuring Siwon Kim, BD Manager at MXC Foundation.

Welcome to this week’s MXC News Update! This week, we want to focus on what the COMMUNITY has been doing with MXC. So let’s get started!

Jeff: Hey Siwon, thanks for joining!

Siwon: Hi Jeff, thanks for having me!

Jeff: So let’s talk about the MXC Community. How is it looking?

Siwon: I can’t thank everyone enough who supports MXC. Most recently, our YouTube subscription went up to 1500, which is more than TRIPLE the amount we had!

Jeff: What drives people to our YouTube channel?

Siwon: It’s important to note that this growth has been concurrent with our growth on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. More and more people are finding our content relevant and exciting, while promotions like the $5000 Bitcoin giveaway also spreads the word!

Jeff: That’s great to hear. Would you say that a lot of those who recently found out about MXC are quite new to Blockchain and cryptocurrency?

Siwon: It’s 50-50. Some people are quite new, and I think the fact that people can set up their own LPWAN gateways to earn passive income is the BIG thing. A lot of people these days are looking for creative ways to earn, and MXC is the next best thing. Some people have been in the industry for quite some time, and they’re always astonished by what they see when they find out about us!

Jeff: And I also hear that in the Korean market, MXC is really attracting a lot of new people!

Siwon: Absolutely. The Korean community – although smaller than the Global Community – has been VERY active. We have 2 different types of community – 1 for more official stuff and the other for more casual conversations where people can just hang out. It’s been working out great!

Jeff: So let’s talk about Bitcoin Halving. Now that the Third Halving is complete, what can we expect from the crypto=sphere as a whole, and from MXC?

Siwon: The halving at that moment was rather uneventful at the price around $8600. Yet we are seeing a quick increase as the price of Bitcoin is now tapping the $9500 territory. It overshot the first resistance zone, but let’s see if it can break the second. From MXC, as you know, we have released this awesome M2 PRO Miner that people can use to mine for MXC and other tokens. On top of that, we now have the MXC DATA DASH app available for both iPhone and Android, where people can manage their MXC tokens, staking, miners, gateways, and devices!

Jeff: What makes the M2 Pro Miner and the MXC Data Dash app important?

Siwon: The Miner is MXC’s way of inviting more people to participate. It’s a new way of mining that doesn’t require heavy power. Literally anyone can do it from their own home. The MXC Data Dash App is our way of making the entire process fun and accessible. So both combined, we are opening up the wider world of crypto to EVERYONE, not just the elites or the rich!

Jeff: That’s very exciting! Is there anything else you would like to say to the community?

Siwon: I just want to thank everyone who are the essential part of our movement. I know that we have been through the good and the tough, but we have made it to become the Top 200 token at the moment and all though we still have a LONG way to go. We will continue to work hard with the community’s support, and the name “MXC” will soon be known everywhere!

Jeff: Great to hear! Once again, thanks for joining, and have a great day!

Siwon: Thanks, Jeff! Stay safe!

Siwon Kim