News Update
July 22, 2019

MXC Continues MVP Roll Out

Last week, we showcased our first MVP. This week will see the continuation of MXC MVP roll out and further testing. Meanwhile, we are inviting more people to join the MXC mission.

MXC Continues MVP Roll Out

MXC is sending out a call for new ambassadors, the first rollout of the MXC MVP is ongoing and we’re hosting an epic event during Berlin Blockchain Week next month. Welcome to this week’s news update.

MXC Ambassadors bring MXC to their local countries by writing content and answering questions in the local language, participating in the MXC Community, and planning local MXC Meetups. Though we are always searching for more Ambassadors, today I’m looking for an Ambassador from Indonesia, and an ambassador from Vietnam. If you live in either of these countries and would like to be an MXC Ambassador, please complete the ambassador application, linked in the description below.

Last week MXC1 announced the rollout of the MXC MVP, working to help cities reduce pollution, and provide cleaner air for their citizens. At MXC we believe very strongly that Air Pollution can be reduced, and that each person should have the ability to work towards creating a better environment. We’ll release more on how MXC enables you to do this, later this week.

Berlin Blockchain Week is right around the corner and we are hosting the largest, most exciting MXC event in the history of Berlin Blockchain Week. You can learn more about the event by heading over to the event page on Eventbrite. If you want tickets, send an email to Space is limited, so you’ll want to do this soon!

Jeff Stahlnecker