News Update
February 15, 2021

Das Kaiser Projekt participants will be announced today and Bitcoin Mining is around the corner

In this week’s MXC News Update, we will let you know how to find out who won a place in the ‘Das Kaiser Project’. We will also discuss Rococo, the M2Pro and our ClubHouse Meet Up. Our COO Aaron, had an AMA with OKEx make sure to check it out if you haven't already.


Rococo is firing up and not only DOT supporters are excited - some big news coming out in the coming weeks - is there a potential MXC + DOT + DHX alliance coming up? We will keep you posted in the following news updates.

BTC mining is just around the corner

For those who haven't got an M2 Pro yet, you have around 30 days to get involved. Our M2Pro has been flying out, we recently received a new batch of European Miners from our production facility, however that was fulfilled the moment it arrived, the next European M2 Pro delivery is expected next week - meaning you can get your hands one one!

Europeans....IF you want yours make sure to get your order in and get on the list! Our American, Korean, Chinese and other global customers, we still have enough stocks for you, so get in whilst you can!

Did you catch the ClubHouse meet-up?

Last Friday Co-Founders Sheen and Aaron as well as Siwon held the first "Crypto Catch-Up" on Clubhouse, where they spoke all things Crypto and allowed anyone to join, and ask their questions about anything Crypto, the future of Blockchain, investments, business and of course MXC.

Das Kaiser Projekt was launched with an amazing response!

Hundreds and hundreds of applications received in just 48hrs, The successful participants for Das Kaiser Projekt will be able to mine BTC in addition to all their other mining profits the selected testnet participants will be notified via email within the next 2hrs, keep an eye on that inbox... good luck

Jessica Hughes