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October 09, 2020

MXC DataDash Updated Landing Page

MXC now features a brand new MXC DataDash App landing page. The new hub of information provides the global audience with key information on the features of MXC DataDash App.

MXC introduces the brand new MXC DataDash App landing page, giving existing and brand new MXC users a unique insight into the Android and iOS App that’s powering the mobile global crypto community. The MXC DataDash App allows for global users to mine MXC token remotely on the go.

The updated MXC DataDash landing page offers more information about the multiple functionalities of the MXC DataDash App. For those who are yet to download the mobile App, the DataDash App is your one-stop crypto mobile App, available on both Android and Apple iOS.

The MXC DataDash mobile App allows you to uniquely choose how you earn, whether via staking MXC token, thus earning compound crypto dividends or alternatively if you prefer to utilize the brand new M2 Pro Crypto Token Miner you can monitor your mined earnings around the clock, or just use both functionalities, with a significant number of M2 Pro miners staking their earnings immediately. The MXC DataDash App is a powerful companion for any crypto user, this multi-functional crypto mobile App offers users the chance to:

  • Stake & earn Crypto Staking Rewards, whilst monitoring your profits on the go, 24/7
  • Mine & Manage your Data and your LPWAN Gateways at the touch of a button
  • Join the global Supernode Network, Connect with MXC's Truly Global IoT Alliance

If you are interested in learning more about the MXC DataDash crypto mobile app, and you’re interested in learning more about remote crypto mining, check out the updated MXC DataDash Page and let us know your thoughts.

The MXC Foundation is a purpose-built Blockchain Foundation, based in Berlin. Our mission is to inspire fast, efficient, decentralized data exchanges using LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) and Blockchain technology. Want to learn more about LPWAN? Watch the “What is LPWAN?” Introduction Video Or visit our LPWAN partner site: WhatIsLPWAN.com for more information

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