News Update
July 06, 2020

MXC DataDash Now on iOS

MXC DataDash is now on iOS! All iOS devices can download MXC DataDash on the Apple App Store to enjoy the latest features of MXC DataDash.

MXC DataDash Now on iOS

MXC DataDash – the best cryptocurrency mining and staking app – is now available on Apple App Store for all iOS Devices! There are a number of new updates, such as password recovery and added security.

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MXC DataDash now available for iOS on the App Store

The BEST crypto earning and mining mobile phone app is now available for all iPhone users! Simply look for MXC DataDash on the App Store, and download it today! You can immediately start staking and earning MXC!

Version 1.3.0 of MXC DataDash Released

The new version has a number of updates. The Login page has been upgraded, and a reset-password function is available for those who have forgotten their passwords. The devices page has been added and updated, so you can now connect your LPWAN devices using MXC DataDash. The app also has an optimized UX design for iOS users!

M2 Pro Miner Pre-Order opening in Korea

The M2 Pro miner is taking its success in China to Korea! KC certification will come soon, and to prepare, pre-order is opening with a lot of interest. This is another step in MXC continuing its global success!

The search for the right talent

MXC Marketing Team is interviewing some candidates for a new position. Soon we will find the perfect candidate who can take MXC to the next level! Be prepared to welcome a new face to the team soon!

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Siwon Kim
MXC DataDash