News Update
December 04, 2018

Breaking News: MXC goes live on Exchanges

Breaking News: MXC goes live on Exchanges

It’s time to celebrate! After a much anticipated wait, MXC is going live on exchange. On December 5th at 8:00AM (CET), MXC will be listed on Huobi and Cybex. Those who miss MXC on Huobi and Cybex will also be able to catch up on Here is the original script from this Breaking News episode of MXC News Update.

Good morning and welcome to a special edition of MXC News Update.

Today, I’m happy to announce that MXC is going to Huobi Global on December 5th. That means, all the tokens will be distributed by then to the ICO participants, so that they can participate in a global exchange.

With Huobi also comes two more exchanges – Cybex and Gate. We are happy to open MXC up to everybody who’s been waiting to buy it.

We are excited to share this exciting times with you, and continue to thank you for your tremendous show of support and passion in MXC. We cannot wait to further build the Future of IoT with you and all of our future community members.

Siwon Kim