MXC Hackathon and New Exchange

MXC is an official member of the LoRa Alliance, Sheen spoke at the Asian Pacific Week in Berlin, and we have a winner for the MXC Hackathon Challenge. Last week we hosted housewarming party for the leading companies in Crypto and today we are announcing an entirely new way for you to get MXC swag. Stay tuned to the end to find out how!

MXC in LoRa Alliance

The LoRa Alliance has accepted MXC with open arms as we work to improve the LoRaWAN Standard. By accepting us as a member, the LoRa Alliance officially recognizes the work we are doing, and provides a supportive alliance of enthusiasts eager to test out the next generation of the LPWAN protocol.

MXC at Asia-Pacific Week Berlin

CEO Sheen Hu spoke at the Asia-Pacific Week in Berlin where he presented the MXC IoT solution for smart cities. During the conference, particular interest was given to social innovation and green tech making MXC an event favorite!

Winner at LongHash Cryptocon Claims 5 ETH in MXC

We have a winner! … Heawen from Jintum Tech won the MXC LPWAN Smart Bidding Challenge. Amazing work Heawen and we hope you enjoy your 5 ETHER worth of MXC!

Full House at MXC Housewarming Party

Our housewarming party was quite the hit, with an exclusive group of participants from both the local blockchain and the global scene, including LongHash, Du Capital, VeChain, Web3, and Gate!

MXC to go Live on PIEXGO

MXC (Machine Xchange Coin) will be listed on its seventh exchange within sixth months. Piexgo, the brainchild of Du Capital, the largest investor in IoT tokens, will list the MXC token on Friday, the 24th of May. The exchange will also support OTC (Over-the-counter) transaction of MXC, effectively lowering the barrier to purchasing MXC.

This has been this week’s news update. I look forward to speaking with all of you again next week. Until then, get active, get in the community, as us questions — because it’s only together that we can build the Future of IoT.