News Update
October 11, 2020

MXC in Korea, Russia, and India!

MXC is bringing technology, and connecting communities in Korea, Russia, and India. Here is how we are accomplishing it!

While the miners in the United States and South Korea have received their M2 Pro miners, European customers will shortly receive theirs! This Thursday, our Korean community will enjoy a LIVE AMA on YouTube, while our Russian community will soon have a lot of exciting contents in Russian. Moreover, we are accomplishing some massive smart city deals in India! This is the original script for the MXC News Update, uploaded on October 12, 2020.

####Supernode 3.0.0 Release

Supernode 3.0.0 has been released! The updated Supernode has new, cleaner codes, improved functionality, allowing for easier maintenance. A lot of the development are in the back, so many users may not notice the difference straight away, but we are confident this new update will serve the users in long term.

M2 Pro Witnesses Great Reception

European shipping is on the way! Keep an eye out for your M2 Pro, and make sure to flex your M2 Pro to win some MXC Merch! Korean & American customers received their M2 Pro, with huge reception, and a lot of excitement! Haven’t got yours yet? Get it while stock lasts! Make sure to click the link here to order your very own M2 Pro cryptocurrency miner.

Special LIVE AMA for Korea

Siwon will be hosting a LIVE AMA on YouTube for the Korean community! Prizes, competitions, giveaways, and more! So bring your MXC questions to YouTube, and get your answers! The AMA will be on this Thursday, so mark your calendar!

New Article is Out

Ever wondered what the fluctuation in the price of MXC has to do with the sale of M2 Pro? We have the answer! Check out this brand new article that talks about how our business could boom while the price of our token has seen some downturn. Click the link here to read the article.

M2 Pro Updates and Guides in Russian

We are officially reaching out to Russia as the next key market, and we are looking forward to expanding the MXC vision in Russia. This means that our Russian community will soon be able to enjoy more content in Russian! Stay tuned for the next, very first MXC video in Russian.

DataDash Gets New Spotlight

Love the DataDash App? You’ll love our brand new web page dedicated to all things DataDash! Learn, Downlaod and earn...Check it out at our brand new landing page for all things DataDash.

Leading Innovations in India

MXC & MatchX are joining forces and bringing innovations to India! New distributors and new partners in India have joined the MXC & MatchX family. MXC is actively pursuing more partnerships with reputable companies in India that can expand the MXC vision! More news coming soon.

$5000 BTC Giveaway

Round 4 winners will be announced TOMORROW! For the next round, we have something new planned Stay tuned.

Siwon Kim