MXC Joins Forces with Polkadot & Data Highway

This is the original script for the MXC News Update, aired on February 17, 2020.

WELCOME to MXC News Update – where we tell YOU what’s the latest here at MXC!

MXC in Australia

Co-Founder Aaron Wagener is in Australia! While he’s checking out the crypto scene in the land down under, write to us if you’d like to arrange a meeting with him.

MXC Donates 1000 masks to China

To support our Chinese community in these tough times, we donated 1000 masks to affected areas in China. Stay safe, everyone!

$5000 Bitcoin Giveaway

What’s that? You’re looking for the Word of the Week? The word of the week is… (Watch the news update to find out). Write it down, and remember it! 

MXC to join forces with Polkadot and Data Highway

MXC CEO Sheen Hu recently joined a Polkabase AMA! He was greeted by more than 350 people!  On the AMA, Sheen confirmed MXC’s participation in the most-anticipated DAO of 2020: Data Highway. Don’t know what Data Highway is? Check out the link by clicking here.

Developing on MXC now easier than ever

Now on to Tech News…  Developing on MXC Open Source project just got a whole lot easier! Development systems can now access the server easier, which means now MXC is open to ANYONE who would like to join this project!  It’s time to BUIDL together