Full house at MXC Launch Party in Berlin

Our first event was a massive success! Not only did we fill the house while competing with the world cup (oops) – we did it on a Friday evening! Here’s the recap.

Getting set up for our launch party tonight in #Berlin 🎉🎊! There is still time to sign up to learn more about MXC, hear from #blockchain influencers and network with likeminded enthusiasts! Discussing the #FutureofIoT, today. 🚀 pic.twitter.com/AGGVTiwS9Z— MXC Foundation (@MXCfoundation) July 6, 2018

Our evening started with MXC Community Manager Carla Sofia Teixeira and myself managing the bar. This gave us a unique opportunity to meet and greet our guests, while at the same time inviting them to become “event journalists” by talking about the event in their social channels. Quite a few of them decided to participate!

Full house at the MXC Launch Party in Berlin! Watch it live: https://t.co/vAQLyxRGgD #theFutureofIoT pic.twitter.com/bdlsoJX2mB— MXC Foundation (@MXCfoundation) July 6, 2018

Starting now – The Future of IoT @MXCfoundation pic.twitter.com/KzaGDOomPL— Gregor Schreiber (@wandervoegel) July 6, 2018

Set for the @MXCFoundation launch party! Want a drink? Give us a Tweet! pic.twitter.com/HewWddMRa0— Jeff Stahlnecker (@helpfulcomm) July 6, 2018

After a short introduction from Factory Berlin – CEO Xin Hu took the stage to introduce MXProtocol and provide a few use cases. Graham Buck, editorial contributor to FinTech Futures reported:

“Hu summarised MXC’s mission as making the world a better place by harnessing the potential of the IoT and blockchain and connecting the two so that artificial intelligence (AI) can be harnessed from it. While AI has been a buzz phrase, it is becoming the means for making better decisions and Big Data is the key to achieving this.”

@MXCfoundation technology can even be used to protect animals @sheenhuxin pic.twitter.com/D0Q8IidKyC— Claudia Wittwer (@ClaudiaWittwer) July 6, 2018

Jeffrey Wernick spoke after Xin, tackling the concept of a sharing economy, and bluntly stating that he doesn’t believe Airbnb and Uber are creating a sharing economy.

Jeffrey Wernick is on the stage! Started with: “I don’t think Uber and Airbnb is a sharing economy.” #theFutureofIoT pic.twitter.com/EyiYYDoFRK— MXC Foundation (@MXCfoundation) July 6, 2018

Meinharrd Ben took the stage after Wernick, providing some key insights on cryptocurrency.

Nice definition: #cryptocurrency is programmable money says @meinharrd at #FutureofIoT @MXCfoundation @factory pic.twitter.com/1VZbVbflXT— Gregor Schreiber (@wandervoegel) July 6, 2018

Last on the stage was MXC COO Aaron Wagener who focused on why MXC chose to build a coin, and what we believe MXC can achieve.

Lots of laughter as COO @aaron_wagener takes the stage! Starting with what makes MXC different. pic.twitter.com/AYsHaDwz4R— MXC Foundation (@MXCfoundation) July 6, 2018

Decentralization of data sharing over Machine Xchange Protocol #sharingeconomy @MXCfoundation @aaron_wagener @factory pic.twitter.com/4JSIFy5T50— Gregor Schreiber (@wandervoegel) July 6, 2018

Die vierte industrielle Revolution: Aaron Wagener, COO von @MXCfoundation präsentiert die Zukunft des IoT #Internet der Dinge pic.twitter.com/WjrrZnIAuT— Claudia Wittwer (@ClaudiaWittwer) July 6, 2018

Excellent use of #Doge in Aaron Wagener’s slides – Co-Founder and COO of @MXCfoundation #MXC launch party@FactoryBerlin pic.twitter.com/4wSONu03t6— Alexanaut 🇨🇭🇨🇦🐈🐱 (@Alexandra933) July 6, 2018

Our scheduled presentations ended with a rather intense Q&A — giving the audience a chance to ask the speakers questions about MXC and what they spoke about.

Today @MXCfoundation Launch with @meinharrd from @Satoshpay and Jeffrey Wernick @FactoryBerlin

Was refreshingly non-LAMBO-FOMO-FUD-MOON. Actually solid smart people with good values and interesting projects.

Keep it up guys! pic.twitter.com/ICRBucmezb— TrustedDapps (@trusteddapps) July 6, 2018

Linus & the Coin 🐶🤗 Thanks for the inspiring evening #TheFutureofIoT @MXCfoundation pic.twitter.com/vwRqiuR1kb— Alexander Schabel (@Schabel_A) July 6, 2018

We then treated our attendees to some, food, drinks and an opportunity to speak with the MXC team and investors 1-on-1. Overall – an enjoyable evening with excellent conversations.

You can watch the entire event here: