August 15, 2019

It's Your Turn: Explore the Live MXC M2M Data Demo

It’s Your Turn: Explore the Live MXC M2M Data Demo

Today we’re providing both our community and integration partners with an exclusive first glimpse of MXC’s M2M device management system. With this demo you can login into the system, interact with and get a explore the device management platform and MXC M2M Wallet. This device management platform is designed for LPWAN hardware owners and operators.


The MXC demo consists of two systems essential to the inter-chain data network: the machine-to-machine payments mechanism, and a LoRaWAN server designed to manage every LPWAN gateway on the planet. With the demo credentials, participants and community members are able to login to the portal and discover the simplicity of MXC’s solution.

MXC’s LoRa server provides an easy interface for users to manage their MXC enabled LPWAN devices. By registering an MXC enabled LPWAN gateway in the portal, users can manage the device, configure how it will interact with third-party sensors, and instinctively set the smart machine bidding requirements for each individual gateway.

When users manage their LPWAN sensors on the platform, they gain a unique advantage, allowing them the opportunity to visualize the collected data, organize them by application (air quality, soil moisture etc.) and determine the smart machine bidding strategies the sensors will use to ensure connectivity while roaming. In this sense, MXC is not only providing a revolutionary way to ensure that each user is able to easily manage and resell the collected data, but it also provides the world’s first LoRaWAN global sensor roaming solution.

MXC’s M2M Wallet shows how users can top-up their MXC M2M Wallets and use the token of their choice to transmit device data through third-party LoRaWAN gateways, or alternatively to pay for a live stream of data from a third-party LoRaWAN sensor.

Users earning MXC by hosting an LPWAN network will have the ability to withdraw their earnings from their M2M Wallet. At this time the payments mechanism is running on the Ropsten Ethereum Test-net, and each public user will have the ability to interact with the M2M Wallet and payments mechanism.

Tutorial: how to work with the MXC Live Demo

Logging into the demo is quick and simple. Navigate to and enter:

User: Password: thefutureismxc

Please note: as these credentials are public, it is very possible that another user is currently reviewing the demo using the same credentials as you. If you notice this, feel free to switch to a different user.

Once you login, you can decide whether you want to manage your LPWAN devices, or work with the MXC M2M Wallet.

LoRaWAN Server + Blockchain = Life Changing Innovation

In the LPWAN device management section, you can create multiple organizations. Organizations provide an easy way to manage devices owned by multiple parties through one account. This is ideal for companies or governments who choose to outsource their IT management to another company. 1

Within an organization you can register multiple user accounts with varying permissions. For example, if someone needs access to review the data collected by a specific sensor, a user can be created with specific permissions that limit their access for this purpose.

Organization users can also request access by attempting to create an account. Admins must approve their request before access will be granted to that user.

Within the organization, multiple LPWAN gateways can be registered. Here you can mark the location of the device, and note the current status of that device. 2222

Each organization can run multiple “applications” or groups of sensors collecting data for a specific purpose. For example, a single application can group sensors managing the watering and fertilizing of plants on a farm. This helps to ensure that sensors geared towards a specific use case remain together, instead of being listed in a jumbled mess on the server. 3

MXC M2M Payments Mechanism

This demo release is limited to the M2M Wallet provided for the management of the MXC token a user dedicates for machine-to-machine transactions.

Here users can easily top-up their M2M Wallet. 4

Withdraw token from their M2M Wallet to the AXS Wallet of their choosing. 5

And see an overview of the M2M transactions their MXC was either used for, or the M2M transactions that earned them MXC. 6

Questions & Feedback

Technical questions and feedback are best given in the MXC Discord Server. You can sign up here:

Jeff Stahlnecker