News Update
May 25, 2020

MXC Mining & Supernode Update

MXC Mining & Supernode Update

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Welcome to this week’s MXC News Update!

We have a JAM packed news week for you this week!!! I’m talking everything from M2 Pro Miner, the highly anticipated MXC Data Dash Mobile app, the notorious MXC word of the week and I’ll even throw in some Supernode updates for desert!

So let’s get this News Update started!

M2 Pro MXC Miner a Huge Success M2 Pro MXC Miner deployment is a HUGE success in China On the map, you can see A LOT of Miners and Gateways live. . our goal is easy! Cover the globe in LPWAN! MORE deployments are on the way

M2 Pro MXC Miner pre-orders are coming in by HUNDREDS! This is the NEW, BEST way to mine crypto with LOW electricity and NO rig set up. Pre-order is still live, so get yours NOW before pre-order ends!

MXC Data Dash App on the Rise The MXC Data Dash mobile app is going to be HUGE! New, exciting features coming soon. Mobile app TUTORIAL VIDEO is going to be released soon that covers Deposit, Staking, Withdrawal, Earning, and Hardware set up. Download NOW!

Check the app in the next few days, and you will see a pleasant surprise!

MXC Supernodes gaining Global Interest MXC Supernodes are gaining GLOBAL interest! ALL Supernodes are thriving and we will soon announce TWO NEW Supernodes, so stay tuned!

Siwon Kim
MXC Supernodes