News Update
January 28, 2019

MXC live on Bibox

MXC live on Bibox

Last Friday, MXC won Bibox listing vote, finishing first in a very tight competition. MXC will be live on Bibox this Thursday. MXC Co-Founder Aaron Wagener attended a meetup to encourage blockchain companies and enthusiasts to participate in real implementation, not wait for institutions to make the first move.

This is the original script:

Good morning, and welcome to another week of MXC News Update.

As all of our community members would know, last Friday at 6am Berlin Time, we have officially won the 10th round of Bibox Voting. That’s right. That means we finished first on a very tight competition, and soon we will be listed on Bibox going live within 7 days since the voting ended. Thank you for your support, and we will always make sure to deliver the Future of IoT.

Last week, our Co-Founder Aaron Wagener attended a meetup hosted by LongHash Germany and Innogy Innovation Hub, called “Secondary Market Who?”. In an interesting panel of discussions, Aaron suggested that we must not wait for big corporations and institutions to move to implementation and integration. However, to keep the spirit of decentralization, we must be the grassroot that achieves real integration and implementation.

And that’s it for this week’s MXC news update. The MXC Guy looks forward to talking with all of you next week. Until then, get active, get involved, and ask us questions, because it’s only together that we can build the Future of IoT.

Take care.

Siwon Kim