Press Release
January 25, 2021


With Polkadot Parachain auction slots heating up, MXC speaks about their plan to rise to the top of the pack of the Polkadot scene.

MXC, leading the way throughout the Parachain Network

The Polkadot Parachain auction slots are heating up, and it’s just a matter of time before the competition for the much sought after positions are jockeyed for.

One of the “hidden diamonds”, working closely together with Polkadot, is MXC. The two Berlin based companies have had a close friendship that has blossomed over the last few years. Since inception, MXC began talks about the global data token “MXC” becoming a multi-functional parachain option for all data, Ai and IoT.

Understanding the Polkadot Parachain

Polkadot is a protocol of protocols, where the Relay Chain provides layer-zero security and interoperability, and all the parachains attached operate as sovereign layer-one blockchains. Especially during the recent days as Polkadot’s native token, $DOT, has significantly increased in value, many projects - both old and new - are attempting to establish a lasting relationship with Polkadot. This has in turn made the Polkadot Parachain slots are some of the hottest tickets in town. So has MXC done so far, and plan to do in the future to rise to the top of the pack on the Polkadot scene?

Hiring the Right People, Strategically

MXC made a strategic hire in one of Web3/Polkadots key developers. One of the architects for Polkadot, Luke Schoen, has helped propel the MXC Foundation forward in the quest for full IoT integration and a closer step toward Polkadot integration. The development of MXC and the parachain has been bolstered by Luke joining the team. If you have missed this announcement, you can read more about Luke here

Interoperability Oriented

MXC has been preparing for the Parachain since launch. We were always a leader in interoperability and the fit with MXC and the goals of Polkadot have been in the making for many years. MXC operates an interoperable Miner, the M2 Pro. M2 Pro is a miner that not only mines the hottest data token, MXC, but also it is a Multi-Token, Multi-Channel Miner. This allows the patented hardware miner to integrate with a multitude of other tokens, this fits perfectly with Polkadots goals of integrating further tokens into the fold.

Stability in Growth

MXC has experienced serious growth. The team at MXC has never been ones who want to engage in a crypto price rollercoaster. We strongly believe that stability is key for investors. The team is planning for even further growth in 2021, and we are extremely excited to present what we have been preparing so far.

Polkadot is no doubt an exciting opportunity for many tokens. The key to Polkadot growth is prior preparation. Ensuring that the team and developers are ready for full integration on the Polkadot Parachain and can sustain the growth and navigate the turns that take place during this role. With both companies sharing a close relationship, and being based in Berlin, we believe MXC is not only an important candidate for Polkadot, however the IoT token is definitely a front-runner that should be watched closely by other tokens.

Jessica Hughes