News Update
February 10, 2020

MXC-Powered Smart Devices to Transform Shanghai

Powered by MXC, Shanghai is transforming into a Smart City. Embedded-Blockchain hardwares that use MXC are coming to Shanghai.

MXC-Powered Smart Devices to Transform Shanghai

This is the original script in English, for the news update uploaded on February 10, 2020.

It’s February 10th, 2020 and this is the MXC weekly news update.

Decrypt Tuesday is Live

This week, DeCrypt Tuesday starring MXC1 dropped their 1st episode, talking about everything crypto. . . . . and some things that aren’t. Haven’t seen the 1st episode? Check it out in the link below

Find the Word of the Week

Speaking of Crypto – looking for this week’s “word of the week?!?” For all those playing at home it is, (Watch the News Update to find out).

Transforming Shanghai with Smart Devices

In tech news, MXProtocol is being developed into a wide range of everyday hardware. AI Cameras for Surveillance / Door locks for Security or even AirBNB – initial test releases are set to launch in Shanghai. Stay tuned for that exciting update

That has been another MXC news update for this week!· And as we always say, stay active, get involved, because its only together that we can build the future of IoT . . . . take care!

Siwon Kim
Smart City