News Update
June 22, 2020

MXC Receives Grant from Sichuan Government

MXC has reached a new partnership with the Sichuan Government of China, receiving a generous grant to open a new office in Sichuan, China.

MXC Receives Grant from Sichuan Government

MXC, a leading IoT Utility Token, has received a very generous grant from the Sichuan Government of China. The grant – a vote of confidence in MXC from the Sichuan Government – allows MXC to further expand and encourage the thriving IoT ecosystem in Sichuan, while making Sichuan the next destination of MXC’s next-generation Smart City program.

The following is the script of the MXC News Update, uploaded on June 22, 2020.

MXC at Polkadot AMA

MXC CEO Sheen Hu spoke at the Polkadot AMA, where around 20 THOUSAND people participated! Interest in the performance of MXC in the Polkadot ecosystem is very high, while exciting developments are coming with collaboration between Polkadot, MXC, and Data Highway!

Next MXC Office in Sichuan

MXC is set to open its 5th global office in Sichuan province, China. MXC received very generous grants to open the office, and have already received a business license and IoT license from the government! This is an important step in expanding the MXC brand, and planting confidence in MXC as a brand that all businesses, governments, and investors and trust.

MXC Bulls On The Way?

During the past week, MXC has been on a bullish trend. Last week, we saw the value of MXC go above +50%. The market sentiment on MXC performance is bullish, and it’s just getting started!

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MXC DataDash – The Best Crypto App for Your Phone

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