News Update
April 12, 2021

MXC and Semtech join forces to fix the chip shortage

In this week's news update, we will talk about the MXC word being spread far and wide, some great updates on the M2 Pro, MXC reaching an ATH, exciting corporations and some updates on the DataDash App.

Sheen spreading the word of MXC Sheen has been spreading the great word of MXC with a community AMA with 500 people! He also had a great meeting with Semtech cooperation to discuss the LPWAN blockchain development. Another AMA he took part in was a BIKI AMA about Data Highway! To round up his week he met with Shanghai government officials to push for smart city applications. Do you fancy learning more about MXC and smart cities? Click here to find out more on our blog.

In other news… As you know there has been a global chip shortage but MXC and Semtech have fixed this! We have had so many people getting hyped about the M2 Pro and we are very happy to say that they are expected in our warehouse by the end of this week!! So you can get yours and become part of the MXC community!

MXC has been going from strength to strength and we have reached new ATH!

MXC Foundation × Map Protocol A Cooperation to Jointly Work on Cross-chain Solutions for the Internet of Things, we can't wait to see what the future has in store for this cooperation, can you?

MXC Handbook One of our team members has also launched an MXC handbook that is a community driven website with all of the information to get started with MXC! This is a compact information bundle with Telegrams most asked ad questions and answered questions and previous AMA questions and answers. Plus much more! Updates will be done weekly so you can always get the latest MXC information! Check it out for yourself here (

DataDash MXC have also updated the DataDash App to improve IoT cross chain interoperability, DHX mining has now been updated and is fully functional!

Jessica Hughes