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July 25, 2019

MXC Staking Increases Stake in the Trillion Dollar Data Industry

Releasing the world’s first “Data Senate”, introducing MXC Staking; uniquely increasing data world participation in the global IoT Blockchain Industry

MXC Staking Increases Stake in the Trillion Dollar Data Industry

The MXC Foundation is working to deliver real-world solutions. Throughout our endless pursuit to make data more accessible MXC has designed a revolutionary machine powered autonomous data platform. Now, we’re excited to introduce the next step, releasing the world’s first “Data Senate”, known as MXC Staking. MXC Staking increases participation in the data world while bringing multiple tangible aspects to the IoT Blockchain Industry. As part of the MXC movement we are convinced that Staking will change, decentralize and significantly improve participation in the data world for everyone, for generations to come. MXC-Staking-1

At MXC we’re using our exclusive Blockchain technology to increase IoT data efficiency, monetize data downlinks, improve data transparency and increase device data accumulation responsibility. Now, with the introduction of MXC Staking, we allow MXC holders to play an active role in the direction of future tech rollouts, including the design of the Global IoT Standard, the MXProtocol and additionally allowing investors to significantly generate passive income along the way.

MXC Staking, for the first time, brings in a tangible aspect to the IoT Blockchain industry. Staking promotes and enhances the amount of data transactions and transmissions by giving all involved participants a fair stake in the process, this is truly a market powered by machines and built by people, for people.

The High-Stake Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to the Staking mechanism MXC has introduced. Firstly, Staking increases the democratization of data. At MXC, we’ve chosen Staking to ensure that those invested and active in the MXC movement have a fair say in its future. This provides both investors and the community with an opportunity to direct and guide future developments. To do this, staking allocates influential “voting” rights. By voting, active MXC holders guide how the MXC Foundation tackles new opportunities within the data world. MXC-Staking-2

Staking also increases MXC holders earning potential, meaning, the larger the portion of MXC, the larger staking rights one would have, the larger say in the direction of the Protocol and the larger the potential earnings.

Stake earnings occur once an MXC holder deposits and allocates their MXC to a specific Supernode, then, the more MXC that specifically elected SuperNode earns (by processing more data) the more the Staking participant earns.

In some areas you will notice that the MXC Staking model follows the similar and well known Proof of Stake “PoS” concept, however it differs in the sense that MXC can not be mined, so to combat this, MXC developed a revolutionary “Sharing Economy”. This Sharing Economy allows LPWAN Gateway owners to harvest MXC by sharing their LPWAN publicly.

MXC Staking allows holders of MXC token, be it either traditional token purchasers, data traders or SuperNodes who accumulate MXC, to have a larger stake in the entire direction and usage of MXC SuperNode networks.


Participation in the Staking concept is simple. Before you begin, you’ll need to own MXC. You can buy MXC at one of the many exchanges supporting MXC, for more information on the available exchanges simply visit: www.mxc.org/get-mxc

Once you have your MXC:

  • Choose one of twenty-one MXC Supernodes Choose and safely deposit your MXC in one of the twenty-one Globally Distributed supernodes. As your chosen supernode processes more data, the earning potential of the supernode increases. The more MXC stored on a supernode, the higher the potential return for the investors.
  • Enjoy your return each quarter At the end of each quarter, the staker receives a dividend based on the amount of MXC the supernode has generated. This payout is based on how much “stake” or invested MXC the investor has in the specific supernode. Each investor has full control as to which MXC Supernode they choose to store their MXC in. Naturally, the more active a supernode is, the higher the potential payout. Therefore it is important that investors review the potential of each supernode. Alternatively, an investor can also hedge their investments, and invest in multiple supernodes. MXC-Staking-3

Once the end of the Quarterly allocated period has been completed, the Staker then receives a dividend based on the amount of MXC the Supernode has generated, the payout is also calculated based on how much “Stake” or invested MXC the investor has in that specific Supernode. The choice is completely up to the investor as to which Supernode they choose to store their MXC, the more active a SuperNode is, the higher the potential payout, so it is also important that investors choose wisely, alternatively they can also choose to hedge their investments and invest in multiple

Supernodes & Contour Payments

Data traders will need to upload MXC to their M2M wallet, these M2M wallets are largely operated by a chosen Supernode. The Supernode acts as an Escrow for individuals data trade payments.

Why do Supernodes hold payments?

MXC is significantly increasing transaction speeds, to do this we’ve installed a mechanism called “Contour Payments” what this means is, when you upload your MXC to an M2M wallet the MXC is held by your allocated Supernode, the Supernode then allocates the exact equivalent of MXC as a “Contour Payment” this Contour Payment method then allows you to trade MXC within a matter of seconds.

Once you have completed your M2M data trading and you wish to withdraw your MXC from your M2M wallet, the Supernode will then reallocate the remainder of MXC you have as per your smart contract, this reallocation process will generally take a maximum of a few hours to complete.

Unique on the Global Data Market

With the introduction of Staking, MXC Supernodes have introduced a unique data movement, we’ve designed an IoT Device Data Network that allows literally anyone to build out their own Global IoT Network, this is decentralization at work. The staking system promotes more devices to share more device data, thus allowing for all parties to reap the rewards of an active and bustling Supernode. MXC-Staking-4

Additionally, MXC makes data acquisition “tangible” as part of the implemented MXC network design, encouraging active users on the Supernode. The more active sensors operating on a Supernode results in more transmissions and transactions, thus MXC Staking encourages Supernodes to become more active themselves and promote regional and international usage.

The power behind the MXC Supernodes is highlighted by the fact that at all levels they’re encouraging increased data flows and increased data traffic. In a sense it comes down to pure data activity, the more active the machine to machine communication is in the Supernodes the more MXC users actively profit.

Furthermore, MXC Supernodes, who are made up of data specialists and international brands have the ability to further encourage more people to get involved, making the global Supernodes grow exponentially.

This process allows for MXC holders to not only further participate in building the global IoT network, but also allows for their MXC token holdings to significantly grow over time.

At MXC we believe that with the introduction of Supernodes, along with the introduction of the MXC Staking model, MXC is increasing the validity of a truly decentralised data market, one which more investors and active participants can profit from as being active members of the data market.

This is the new world of machine to machine communication, of data economies and of democratised data, this is MXC, the Future of IoT.

Aaron Wagener