News Update
June 08, 2020

MXC Staking Update is Here!

MXC Staking Update is now here! You can find the staking returns revenue on your MXC Data Dash app! Moreover, here are some update on the M2 Pro MXC Miner!

MXC Staking Update is Here!

This is the original script for the MXC News Update, uploaded on June 8, 2020. It gives valuable insight into the MXC Staking Update and the sale status of the M2 Pro MXC Miner.

Its another week and we are BACK for this week’s MXC news update! Let’s get started!

Return to Normalcy at MXC Berlin HQ

We are back, and NO I’m not just referring to this week’s news Update, the team at our MXC Berlin HQ has returned to the office – after a few months working hard in home offices around the world, our HQ is back and we are delivering!

MXC DataDash App Released

The MXC DataDash App is out! Haven’t got it yet? Haven’t heard of it? Check these QR codes and get it on your iOS or Android device now! Alternatively, you can download it directly from our website by clicking the link here, or find the Android version on the Google Play Store!

MXC Staking Rewards are In

Now speaking of the DataDash App – Staking rewards are live, YES all that MXC goodness has filled the accounts and there will be a LOT of very happy MXC stakers out there, if you want to know how much MXC you’ve earned, log in to the app NOW!

and….If you haven’t staked or got the app — now is the chance to make your MXC work for you!

M2 Pro Miner Sale Breaks Records

The MXProtocol powered M2 Pro Token Miner is breaking records! Did you know it is the FASTEST selling device of ANY releases from our Hardware partner “MatchX”? The release in China has been a massive success and the world wide release is just a matter of weeks away! Want to get on the waiting list? Send us an email to:

Winners of the $5000 Bitcoin Giveaway Announced

Now, a BIG congratulations to our happy and long list of word of the week winners! If you haven’t checked the list out yet, go to our twitter at to check out if YOU or your friends won!

And of course, speaking of our word of the week this week is (Check the News Update video to find out). Remember to jot it down and save it in a safe place – because like always we are GIVING $5,000 worth of BTC away!

That’s been this week’s MXC news update! Remember to always ask us questions and be active in the community, because it’s only together that we can build the Future of IoT!

Siwon Kim