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November 25, 2019

MXC Supernodes are Live

MXC was represented in Barcelona and Berlin, while MXC Supernodes went live around the world! Find out how you can start staking your MXC tokens!

MXC Supernodes are Live

This past week, MXC team members traveled to Barcelona to represent MXC at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2019. MXC was also represented at Data Driven Digital Transformation in Berlin. Meanwhile, MXC Supernodes went live around the world – in China, Korea, and Germany!

You can find the Supernodes via this link: China: Korea: Germany:

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Barcelona, deployment in Shanghai, Jeff speaks at a Data Driven Digital Transformation event, and MXC Supernode deployment is underway. Welcome to this week’s MXC news Update!

Co-Founder Aaron Wagener and Siwon Kim made their way to Barcelona for the Smart City World Expo Congress in Barcelona. There they spoke with a multitude of interested parties at our exhibit stand, participated in various networking events, and had a number of exciting conversations. We’ll have an update from them, later this week.

Hardware connected with the MXC MVP is being deployed across the Yangpu district in Shanghai! Real integration and implementation is underway! We’ll keep you informed about this ongoing project in future updates.

Jeff spoke at the Data Driven Digital Transformation Event in Berlin where he shared how MXC promotes the crowdsourcing of data. With MXC, individuals are able to set up sensors for causes they believe in, whether it’s to improve the environment or even to enable developers to build apps with more accurate data. There are a number of opportunities for everyone to get involved in building a data driven future.

MXC Supernodes are being deployed all around the World! Current supernodes include Huawei Tech, Enlink, and MatchX. You can find the links to these supernodes in the description below. Our dev team is really taking action, with another exciting update on its way.

This has been this week’s news update. I look forward to speaking with all of you again next week. Until then, get active, get in the community, as us questions — because it’s only together that we can build the future of IoT.

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